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February 24, 2019


Andy Hromoko


"Dressed and Ready!


Psalm 91:1-2
Luke 12:34 - 13:9

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February 21, 2019

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, 

I am so honored to be speaking to you this Sunday as we continue on the Luke study journey. This week's Scripture passage is from Luke 12:35 through 13:9. We will also be reading from Psalm 91:1-2. 

The theme of my message involves the signs of end times, and the importance of being ready for when our time on earth is up. Yes, a very interesting scripture passage for someone who has no formal ministry education and who just missed being designated the class clown in high school by one vote, ha ha. I do though look forward to speaking to you on the importance and reminder of being ready if our last day on earth is today, tomorrow or years from now. Being ready also means taking on a servant heart and being proactive in reaching out to others around us who don't know of the power, comfort, and peace God provides.
I am also looking forward to introducing you to a new ministry that is forthcoming in our church family. The new ministry is called: Usher/Greeter Safety Ministry (UGSM). This ministry is a means of being proactive to the safety needs of our church, but more so designed to equip us all to be even more hospitable and inviting as a united-in-Christ church family. This ministry is not designated just for those folks who post themselves at our entrances each Sunday, but is meant for all of us to take on an usher and/or greeter mentality as we allow God to shine through us. More details will be forthcoming on this ministry, but it will indeed be an opportunity to learn more about how to be successful in reaching others for Christ. It could be someone who came into the church suffering from mental issues, struggling with their faith walk, having a bad day or just needing someone to offer them a smile and really show you love and care for them. UGSM will help us become and stay dressed and ready for our Heavenly Father. 

Are you dressed and ready? Are you focused on serving God by serving others? If today would be your last day on earth, would you be walking on the streets of Glory? Deep, deep questions but so important in making sure God is a priority in our lives and we have surrendered and placed all our trust in Him. Please pray for me as I bring you this message and the reminder of how God wants us to live our lives and be witnesses for Him. 
God Bless!
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