In-person outdoor worship to
begin Sunday, August 2, 2020
Dear Friends in Christ,

Grace and peace to you in the name of Jesus Christ, our risen Lord!

As I promised you, our Re-entry Team has worked hard to prepare information and guidance for an in-person outdoor worship service starting August 2, 2020, at 9:30 am. Of those who responded to our Survey in June, responses indicated that 82% are willing to participate in an outdoor worship service, whereas only 42% are willing to participate in an indoor worship service.
Please click here to review our " Detailed Plan for Re-Opening UMCW for Outdoor Services ," the guidelines given by our Re-entry Team. We understand if you don’t feel comfortable attending in-person worship yet and encourage you to worship with us from home by watching our online service.
We will continue to offer our ONLINE worship service each Sunday for those who prefer to worship at home during this time.
For those who are ready to worship with us in-person, I would like for you to follow the guidelines listed in the link to our complete plan above. A short list of important guidelines to note before attending are also listed below. We strongly encourage you to pre-register for our outdoor worship service prior to each Su nday. This is in support of MA state guidelines for assisting in contact tracing in the event of a COVID-19 case detection; pre-registration also helps us plan for capacity and expedites seating once you arrive for the service. I want to be careful and deliberate in every step we take for the sake of the health and safety of eve ry beloved child of God in our congregation and community. You may pre-register using the button below or at our website, www.umcw.org.

The in-person outdoor worship service is designed to finish within 35 minutes. There will be no Babies' Nest childcare or in-person Sunday School available during the service. We ask for your flexibility and understanding knowing that we will have some changes to the normal practice of our worship service.

As you all know, the first Sunday of the month is Communion Sunday. In using the utmost caution, I would like to postpone our Communion Sunday by one week so that it does not fall on the first Sunday we are worshiping together in-person. This will give us more time to prepare. We will instead celebrate communion on Sunday, August 9.

This has been a most challenging time to be the Church, and certainly one of the most difficult seasons of my ordained ministry. I am thankful for the opportunities we have to share worship materials on our website and for the many ways we seek to stay connected to one another, but I miss the many opportunities that we once enjoyed being together for worship and other gatherings. I especially miss gathering to comfort and support families who have lost loved ones.
My heartfelt thanks, especially to the Re-entry Team who have all worked hard to prepare for our outdoor worship service and will continue to prepare, eventually, for indoor worship service. I am very thankful for your flexibility and demonstrated grace in this time of unprecedented disruption. May we keep each other in our prayers as we begin this careful, deliberate process of re-opening our service in person.  
Sincerely yours in Christ,
Seok-Hwan Hong
PLEASE NOTE if you plan to join us
for in-person outdoor worship:

  • Families are encouraged to arrive together
  • Bring your own chair
  • Bring a face covering/mask (required for all attending)
  • Must adhere to 6' social distancing requirements at all times
To pre-register via our website for in-person outdoor worship on Sunday, August 2, please click the button below:
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