April 21, 2020
Dear Church Family,

This is an incredible time in our church and in our world. It's a time where our personal lives have been upended, our professional lives have been upended, for many of us, our financial lives have been upended as well. Some of us are completely isolated. Others of us working full-time jobs surrounded by children, then working a second shift as their home school teacher. Some of us have no work at all. And now -- cherry on top - your senior interim pastor has left. It may seem like the future of our beloved church is as unclear as it ever has been. "What next?" you may ask.  "When will anything go back to normal?" So, it wouldn't be surprising if the church were adding another helping of anxiety to your plate right now.  

Let us assure you, however, that your church is one thing you need not worry about right now. We'll tell you why: Both of us (Rev. Nikki and Rev. Anna) have pastored you side-by-side with Pastor Carl before, and we are more than ready to do it again. We know you. We love you. Your pastoral team is solid. We complement each other and have been working hard on a strong and detailed plan of transition with your lay leadership that will carry us through the end 2020, and if need be, beyond. We will stick with you as long as it takes. 

Starting May 1st:
  • Rev. Nikki  will be decreasing her hours and focusing on her called role in executive and pastoral functions; this means letting go of the worship support and communications required during the interim time. 
  • Rev. Anna will be increasing her hours to step up as your primary preacher and minister of music and worship.  
  • Pastor Carl  will continue his focus on congregational care, but he will diversify his role to now  take on adult faith formation coordination
  • Bob will continue to support the pastors, but he will now take the lead on our church-wide communications , such as the weekly email update and the Facebook event postings. 
  • Emily and Meghan will continue their wonderful and beautiful work with our children and youth in new and creative ways given our socially distant context! 
  • Your entire staff is enthusiastic to collaborate and work with each other, with church leadership, and with volunteers to continue to "Be the Church!"
In short, there's too much going on in your life and in the world right now to worry about your church home. Let church be the place you come to now to find comfort. God loves our little church even more than we do, and Christ goes with us each step of the way. Spirit has made United Christian Church a miraculous fountain of healing and it is built on an unshakable foundation of strong fellowship, sincere commitment, and authentic faith. So we rejoice in the great privilege it is to walk with you, as your pastors, into the bright future we know that God has planned for our sweet family of faith.

God be with you until we meet again, 
Rev. Nikki Stahl & Rev. Anna Humble

Tentative Preaching Schedule

Earth Sunday                                 
April 26                Rev. Dr. Jenny Veninga
Graduate Sunday                           
May 3                   Graduates

Are We There Yet? Following the Spirit through Uncharted Territory 
(Discussing context of both our world/country and church facing a future that has not yet been made clear to us)

May 10                 Rev. Anna Humble
May 17                 Rev. Anna Humble
May 21                 Rev. Anna Humble
May 31                 Rev. Anna Humble & Various
June 7                  Rev. Nikki Sthal
Vacation Bible School Sunday
June 14                Emily Jamison Guerrero
God at the Movies: Holy Hollywood Moments
(Paired with Watch Parties, Finding God in the World Around Us, Movies that Connect with Our History, Identity, Values)

June 21                Rev. Anna Humble
June 28                Rev. Anna Humble
July 5                    Pastor Carl Schwartz-King
July 12                  Rev. Anna Humble  
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