On July, 2014 a one-year term call was extended to me from Hosanna Lutheran Church. It is with a heavy heart that I will not renew another one year contract. Instead, I will complete my term at the end of June, 2015.


I will be taking a leave of absence from call and my family and I will be moving to Los Angeles, CA. For the past year, my husband, Scott, has been commuting between Los Angeles and Minneapolis. He has been promoted to a new position within his company that will keep him full-time in Los Angeles. As a result, we have prayerfully considered our options and have decided that it is best for our family to live together in Los Angeles.


Being called to Hosanna Lutheran Church was a blessing for myself and my family. I have enjoyed the challenge of this call and the support of the staff, Pastor Linda and the congregation. I am glad to have been blessed by this call and will miss Hosanna.


Thank you for your acceptance and love.


Pastor Amie Barsch Odahl