Rev. Dr. John D. Tolbert, Senior Pastor
Pastoral Reflection
Sunday, October 21, 2018

Praise the Lord Trinity! I pray that you and your family have experienced the Amazing Grace and everlasting mercy of our loving God in significant ways this past week. I know you are ready to enter His gates with thanksgiving in your heart, and have prepared yourself to give God the fruit of your lips. This morning as we gather to worship God in spirit and in truth let me express my gratitude to our guest worshipping with us today. You are welcome here at the Trinity Missionary Baptist Church and I pray God’s richest blessings upon you and your families. If you and/or your family are looking for a Church home, we welcome you with open arms to this versatile ministry and multi-generational experience. Everybody needs a church family and a pastor. We aspire to be yours!

Edifying The Body of Christ ~ And he gave some...For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ.  Ephesians 4:11-12

Everything that God created has a specific purpose for its existence. He has set all of nature on a predetermined cycle. The sun shines with consistency whether or not the earth is blocked from it by clouds. The clouds float across the heavens picking up and distributing rain where it is commissioned. Plant life; food for things that fly, walk, slither and crawl, absorbs the rain from the earth and carbon dioxides from the air and then produces purified oxygen for man and beast. Mankind and beast exist as food and protector to one another.

All creation has a specific purpose. Mankind—only of God’s creation, made in His image and likeness has dominion over all living things. Mankind only has the capacity to freely move into or out of God’s purpose for him. If we walk in His will and way we are classified as Saints, having come into the knowledge of God and accepting the fact that we belong to Him by nature and faith. If we are not saints, we are sinners. Sinners are those yet to accept God for who He is and for what He has done. Saints, we walk in our created purpose by helping sinners come to know the need for salvation.

Paul encourages us to live a life worthy of The Calling we have received of God, which is our created purpose. He tells us how to fulfill a life that belongs to Him through Jesus who gave His life for all. We are, through Jesus, given the knowledge that grace has been measured out for us to extend to others (Ephesians 4). Grace includes the presence of the Holy Spirit through whom various gifts are provided. These gifts are not for personal or self-gratification, but rather to be used for the edifying of or service to others in the building up of the body of Christ, His Church.

Each of us should ask: “What am I doing to perfect or complete this body of baptized believers? Where and What am I contributing to the growth of This Church of God? Will God be pleased with the work that I am doing? Am I fulfilling my created purpose?” We must not wait for anyone or anything to drive us as unwilling servants to do what is required of us.  Let each of us say, “I am an important and necessary part of the Trinity Missionary Baptist Church of Pontiac. God has placed me here to work, to complete a unified, faithful congregation, living in His created purpose for me.”

Marching Toward 100,
Dr. John D. Tolbert
Senior Pastor
One Hundred Years of Reaching 

One Hundred Years of Reaching a City to Touch the World