A Loving Note From
Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson and Rev. Vickie Miller
September 6, 2019
For the last several years, we have celebrated “Homecoming” at SunCoast MCC
in the early fall. We have had a social, a “revival,” and even a dinner/theater. Regardless of the event, we always have a good time!

This year, we have an exciting line-up of activities. Imagine, a family reunion in which you not only hope to see familiar faces but also meet new friends and neighbors. Imagine, a family reunion where you feel welcomed. Imagine, a family reunion where you do not have to brace yourself!

This year our theme is “Plenty of Room at the Table!” Some people just need to know that there really is a seat waiting for them, a place for them, in a community of love and justice.

SATURDAY, Sept. 28 4PM to 7PM
We will have an open house, a free BBQ and some wonderful musical entertainment led by Susie Brenner, a SunCoast MCC favorite. Stop by and check-out the church or just stop by and mix and mingle. Be assured you will have a fun afternoon.

SUNDAY, Sept. 29 10AM
We will keep the church set up “table style” in line with our theme this year. We will have a “down home” feel at our service, with Rev. Renae Phillips preaching and special music.

You can attend both days or just stop by on either day. We are not only reaching out to those who were once part of our church family (many of us remember those kinds of church “homecomings” from our rural past). We are also reaching out to those who may not have found a church home, but who have been seeking, or just thinking about seeking! Those who may need a special invitation from us to take their seat at God’s table here at SunCoast MCC.

Lately, we have been seeing more newcomers and new folks attending special events – some, attracted by our new church sign and media outreach. We want to BE A SIGN – a sign of God’s amazing grace and love that reaches people who may have felt like they could never trust a church again or who never thought church could be relevant or inspiring or filled with joy and laughter.

Let’s be that kind of church for people who will “come home,” maybe for the first
time, this year! Join us for a weekend of celebration.
Grace, Peace and Love,

Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson | Rev. Vickie Miller
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