Pastors' Round Table Follow Up

"Religion Is Essential Act" - S.B. 397

Thank you for joining the California Pastors’ Round Table with Senator Jones regarding the "Religion Is Essential Act" - S.B. 397. 
Real Impact offers you and your church suggestions for supporting S.B. 397:
1. Distribute Real Impact’s “Religion Is Essential” Action Alert for select districts (see list).
2. Every Californian can sign the Senator’s Letter of Support.
3. Invite Senator Jones to speak at your church:
4. Senator Jones’ website:
The "Religion Is Essential Act" will be heard first in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Call senators on this committee only if you reside in the member’s districts (see list). Urge the senator to vote “Yes” on the “Religion Is Essential Act - S.B. 397.
Real Impact will help you customize an action alert for your church. Call the Real Impact office at (909) 393-7100 and we’d be glad to assist you.
Thank you for taking part in these webinars. I look forward to our next time together.
Gina Gleason
Executive Director
Real Impact