Reaching the unreached 120 nationalities of Russia and training them to reach their own people.
Vision comes from God but thought people!
During this conference God spoke to me!
  • You do not have to know everything!
  • You do not have to have everything!
  • You do not have to see everything!
  • It is different season!
  • It is not about ONE LEADER that has all the answers!!!!
Just listen to pastors and see big picture !

Pastors from villages and towns from 15 regions came together to share their vision. experiences and challenges.
I believe that today's church MUST reach young people from broken home s who grew up in the streets. We must understand them and love them ! Jesus is the only answer for the next generation!

Alexander and Victoria - youth leaders from my church shared their ministry principles on how to reach young people from streets.

Pastor Egor's testimony touched many hearts.
Egor grew up in a alcoholic home of 9 children. Father was drinking and beating everybody. Since very young age Egor began to drink and got involved in extrasensory activity . As he himself said- I was stuffed with deamons . When missionaries from our church came to his town and began to preach the Gospel, Egor accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior. But changed in his life style did not happen overnight. It took time. Every time believers would pray at the home church, Egor would start feeling bad and his body would shake and twist until one time a missionary and my assistant Khania just spoke - "Egor, quit making yourself the center of attention! Enough !" And since that time Egor says - he was set free!!!) )) I think it is soo funny! Khahia didn't even say - In the name of Jesus!))))
Click to watch 30 sec of praise at the conference!
We are committed
  • to reach the youth from the streets in every village and town
  • to do works outside the churches to reach unbelievers ( clubs and charity works as the law forbids open evangelism))
  • to rekindle relationships with the pastors who burnt out and are rejected by religion
  • to be bold in the ministry of supernatural to people believing God for miracles of healing, casting demons and raising from the dead
  • we believe without miracles there is no proof to the message we preach!
Lady at the center is Tatyana from Bashkortostan . Moslem area. Tatyana came to know the Lord some time ago and being a part of a very religions church suffered much from regligious persecution. Today she has a vision to start churches in the capital of Bashkiria.
Pastor Evgeniy shared his wisdom and led communion service!