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Published Author by Night...

If you think that a Patent Attorney leads a boring life, you would be wrong. All of our members have a wide range of talents, interests, and accomplishments that you won't see on their resumes.
We would like to share with you one of Vernon Maine's latest accomplishments. In addition to being a U.S. Army Vietnam War veteran, a licensed airplane and helicopter pilot, an amateur radio operator, and a successful Patent Attorney, he is now a Published Author!    
Dateline Salt Springs, Florida, 1973 - Set in the Ocala National Forest in Marion County, Florida, Mike and his best friend Tommy hear a tragic tale about a dead publisher from New York, then discover his hidden treasure at their Florida campground when a fierce thunderstorm upends an old shed. They team with two soldiers of fortune, former Green Berets and CIA agents Bob Rines and Scott Walker, on a quest to rescue Tommy's father, who was imprisoned in Cuba by Castro after the failed Bay of Pigs invasion years earlier. The boys pay a high price for their adventure....
Did that peak your interest? Want to find out what happens to Mike and Tommy?  North Until Dawn is available in paperback through NOTE ALSO, there is a FREE download of the ebook available by special arrangement through the Kindle online store, from July 2-6 only! And Vern says he would love to get some feedback from readers.
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