Patent Theft Rips Off American Entrepreneurs, Inventors, and Creators
Dear Patriots, 

We have posted a voluminous amount of material on patent theft, including the biggest theft of all committed by the IBM Eclipse Foundation and the U.S. Patent Office of Leader Technologies' trade secrets that made the internet explode as the most powerful communication device ever created. 

Along the way, we have met other inventors who have had a similar fate with the corrupt patent system.

The government and the criminals who are associated with the U.S. Patent Office outright steal ideas and innovations from hardworking American entrepreneurs. 

The theft of patents by our own government is appalling, especially when it turns these technologies into weapons used against citizens around the world, as in the case of social media where Google, Facebook, Twitter and others have become vehicles for surveillance and tyrannical control of citizens. 

American Intelligence Media readers have asked that we create a one-page flier with some of our top articles and audios on patent theft so that it is easy to send out and share with patriots. 

Please educate and enlighten your circle of influence about patent theft. 

Our journey into understanding patent theft began when we learned the backstory of Leader Technologies. In the link below you will find our six-part video discussion with Michael McKibben, whose company created a quantum leap in technology to almost infinite scalability with their social networking invention that was stolen, then weaponized, to take away the user's freedom and surveil everything in their lives. 

If you are seeking patent protection of your ideas, invention, or trade secrets, DO NOT file with the U.S. Patent Office at this time. It is run by the British SERCO and is set up as a dragnet to STEAL your proprietary work.

As we continued to explore patent theft, we found that the energy sector was plagued with theft and suppression of energy technologies that could set the world free from petrochemical energy. What would greedy warlord bankers and criminal elite do if energy were freely available at very low cost to anyone in the world? 

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In this audio, Douglas Gabriel and Michael McKibben discuss how globalists, attorneys, and a corrupt patent system have been stealing patents of striving American entrepreneurs who are waking up and BOYCOTTING the U.S. Patent Office which is being run by SERCO and foreign agents.
The results of stripping innovators of their property rights, whether those forces are from China or right here in America, are devastating to the restoration of the Republic and the future of a healthy economy.
Stolen from Americans
Stolen from Americans

Douglas and Michael continue to explain how the theft of key patents are used as weapons against citizens in the video discussion below.
If you want to learn even more, check out the titles below which will take you to an informative audio, video, or article.
How IBM Eclipsed Social Media

Entrepreneurs Screwed
Entrepreneurs Are Screwed Under Current Patent Office System


Let's win the Revolutionary War this time and get the criminals out of Washington...once and for all. Dismantle the globalists by taking down their spying apparatus - from Google to Facebook. We the People can use the Miller Act Notice to shut them all down. 

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