Path to Licensure Newsletter
VOLUME I, Spring 2018
We are excited to present the Spring Issue of our Path to Licensure newsletter. We know you and your students are preparing for graduation at this time of year. This is a wonderful opportunity to prepare those soon-to-be graduates for professional practice by giving them important information about licensure and regulation. This issue provides you with the information and tools to do just that.

Please share this newsletter with colleagues at your school who would also benefit from this information. You can also have colleagues email me if they want to be added to our email list so they can get the monthly tips and periodic newsletter in their own inbox.

Wishing you well as the term comes to a close!

Jan Fitts, MSW, LCSW
Education and Training Senior Manager
Get licensed, live licensed
As one of our pilot school faculty members noted, Path to Licensure is all about teaching students an important lesson: “Get licensed, live licensed.” 

“Get licensed” basic requirements: Three E’s and fees
You can share with your students in general that every jurisdiction has basic requirements to get licensed that fall in three categories...

"Live licensed" basics
At some point, your graduates will likely have passed the exam and fulfilled their licensing requirements... 


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