July was a busy month for Pathfinder, with a number of work streams progressing as part of the ACTION phase of the project.

Our Experts by Experience (EbEs) attended many meetings with statutory bodies and members of the Pathfinder Team including the Chief Executive, Dr. Anne Kilgallen. Kevin Taylor, one of the EbEs, has given an account of the project so far and what the role of an EbE involves.

In August work will continue on the development of work streams with workshops and engagement meetings planned for the month ahead.
Events and Meetings
The Connected Communities work stream has progressed with two meetings being held over the month. The Pathfinder team aim to hold planning meetings in communities over the next few weeks.

The planning meetings will involve key members of the Health and Social Care Network as well as stakeholders, aiming to improve Health and Social Care provision.

If you would like any further details on this work stream please contact the Pathfinder office, otherwise a further update on progress will be included in next month's issue.
Experts by Experience
Kevin Taylor
Since starting the Experts by Experience role as part of the Pathfinder Project we have been busy looking at various services including Virtual Clinics, Virtual Appointments and the opening of the Drumclay Facility and although the role takes up a bit of time, I really enjoy it.

Over the past week I have been involved in three meetings and as a result have seen the progression of three projects. I feel that it is my role as an EbE to drive forward innovation. As Tony Blair said ‘Education, Education, Education’ I think we need ‘Innovation, Innovation, Innovation’.

Until now we (EbEs) have had a number of meetings with the Chief Executive, Dr. Anne Kilgallen, and she has reassured us that Pathfinder is not a cost cutting project although if there are more cost effective ways of doing things, these should be implemented. I really enjoy working with Pathfinder and hope the people in this area realise that in order to make progress, we must be willing to adapt.