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In the current issue of the OncoWuXi Newsletter, we would like to share with you our comprehensive pathology service platform. Other interesting topics covered in this issue include updates on TRK and CDK4/6 related tumor models.

OncoWuXi Newsletter will continue to keep you up-to-date with our recent progress in cancer research. As part of WuXi Research Service Division (RSD), our topnotch Oncology-Immunology team is dedicated to providing end-to-end services and solutions to support the ever-changing research needs of cancer and autoimmune diseases and is your ideal partner for enabling technological breakthrough and accelerating cancer drug discovery.

Pathology Platform
Pathology Service Platform
(1)    Facilities and outline of biomarker services

(2)    List and historical data of validated biomarkers staining on tissue samples

(3)    Introduction and workflow of clinical biomarker service

(4)    Introduction and workflow of discovery biomarker service

(5)    Multiplex/single IHC/IF staining analysis using HALO

(6)    Multiplex IF staining analysis using Ultivue technology

(7)    Multiplex IHC/IF staining analysis using PE Vectra system

(8)    Special staining
  • Iron staining
  • Oil red staining
  • Fast blue staining
  • Sirius red staining

Targeted Oncology
TRK Related In Vivo Models
(1) TRK background as a drug target
  • TRK biology
  • TRK role in cancer
  • TRK inhibitors launched and under development

(2) TRK biochemical assay

(3) TRK cell based assay

(4) TRK related CDX models
  • KM-12 colorectal cancer CDX model with TPM3-NTRK1 fusion
  • TRK related genetically engineered Ba/F3-TRK fusion models, validated with LOXO-101 and Entrectinib both in vitro and in vivo

(5) TRK related PDX models
  • CO-04-0284 colorectal cancer PDX model with TPM3-NTRK1 fusion, validated with Entrectinib

CDK4/6 Related In Vivo Models

(1)    Background of CDK4/6 as drug target
  • CDK4/6 biology
  • Summary of CDK4/6 inhibitors and development stage

(2)    CDK4/6 related CDX models
  • MCF-7, xZR-75-1, and xxT47D breast cancer CDX models, validated with Palbociclib or Abemaciclib
  • Huh-7 liver cancer CDX model, validated with Palbociclib
  • NCI-H2122 and NCI-H358 NSCLC CDX models, validated with Palbociclib or Abemaciclib
  • U87-Luc orthotopic brain cancer CDX model, validated with Palbociclib, Ribociclib, and Abemaciclib

(3)    CDK4/6 related PDX models
  • LU-01-0393 lung cancer PDX model with CDK4/6 and CCND1 overexpression, p16 deletion, and Rb1 positive, validated with Palbociclib and Abemaciclib
  • ES-06-0130 esophageal cancer PDX model with CCND1 overexpression, p16 deletion, and Rb1 positive, validated with Palbociclib and Abemaciclib

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