JUNE 2020
Pathway Built with Love & Grit 
Congratulations to local resident Bob Philpott and his son Luke WINNERS of Stone Garden's June D.I.Y. Award.

Bob decided to honor his wife Rebecca's achievement of completing her tenure as the 2019-2020 Cape Fear Garden Club President b y building an amazing flagstone pathway through the garden gate at their Wilmington residence. 
Let Bob walk you, step by step, on his pathway journey.

Step 1: Select the stone.

Bob consulted with Nina to choose the type of flagstone. Rebecca made the final selection, the PA bluestone, which has a flat yet textured surface. No slip, no trip.
Mason's Rule Of Thumb
Using a "mason’s rule of thumb" we figured that the 200 sq.ft. path would require 2 to 2.5 tons of stone depending on how far apart the stones were set.
Step 2: Determine base material.
Bob chose #78 gravel ( approx. 1/4" ) which provides both stability and drainage. Using our handy website calculator, we deducted that he would need about 1.5 cubic yards. The gravel was loaded into "no-mess" supersacks for delivery.

Step 3: Select joint material.
Rebecca made the final decision to use 3/4" River Jax .

Step 4: Get materials home.

Our piggyback forklift truck delivered all the materials at one time.

Clay made the delivery ... expert fork lift man, could not have been better.
Step 5: Prepare and define the area.
Every step had its challenges. We had to remove the old pavers, clear the area of roots, and put in the edging ... getting the roots out was the worst part. The prep was critical to the final project.
(Photos by Bob Philpott)
Bob used our 4” high x 16' long aluminum edging for the path border.  Sturdy stakes mean it doesn't pull up like plastic edging and is much easier to work with than steel edging, especially for curved applications. 
Step 6: Add base material and level.
The gravel is out. I have maybe 1/4 cubic yard left and will be using some more when I level the stones.
Step 7: Lay out the stone.

Placing the stones is like doing a jigsaw puzzle, so laying them out first is helpful. It also aids in judging how their thickness varies and where extra base material will be needed to achieve the desired grade.
Step 8: Fill in the joints.

3/4" River Jax were the perfect size and color to fill in between the flagstone and helped anchor everything in place.
Step 9: The victory lap.

We used every piece of the flagstone…amazing.

Bob said we truly nailed the material estimate. The final path was 202 square feet. Ingredients:
  • 2 mini pallets of PA flagstone, ideal for DIY
  • 1.5 cubic yards of #78 gravel for base
  • 1/2 cubic yard of 3/4" PA River Jax for joints
  • 7 pieces of aluminum edging
  • Endless Determination
Bob shares his secret:

I am 75 years old ... which is only ten in dog years! I am slow like the proverbial turtle but I finish the race. 🐢🐢🐢🐰🐰🐰

It was a huge project but so worth it ... and Rebecca is happy.

Big congratulations to Bob and Luke.

Our June D-I-Y winners will receive a $25 gift card.
Build Your Own Pathway
If you'd like to make your own pathway, we'd be happy to help. Just take it step by step. Measure your square footage, snap a photo on your phone, visit the store and we'll help you go the distance.
In The News 
 Star News' Port City Life magazine featured Stone Garden in their April 25, 2020 publication.

Nina and reporter David Frederiksen discussed how stone can be used to create an inspiring landscape. The article includes a guide to the "Vocabulary of Stone" and showcases some lovely photos of our Inspiration Garden.
Growing Strong
Port City Life's June issue features Dan and Ky Nece, a father/son team that build beautiful and functional garden boxes.

As Dan shares his story, we discover that more than flowers and veggies can be grown in a garden. Hope blooms there as well. Dan describes his journey as “a course for recovery”. 

"Small steps, small gardens, great rewards."

Need your own garden box? Dan is on Facebook @TheFarmerAndTheDad
June Special
4" x 7" x 10" Belgian Blocks are on sale in full pallet quantities (100 count) as well as individual pieces. Build a path, or edge a garden bed, with these handsome granite cobblestones. Was $7.90 per piece. Now $6.00 each or $550 for full pallet.
We're honored to announce that Stone Garden was voted the “Best Landscape/Landscape Supply” in the WWAY’s Viewer’s Choice Awards 2020 .
Amazing Photographer
Stone Garden is lucky to work with local artist, Renee Sauer. Her stunning photography graces our e-newsletters and website.
Renee, after many years working as a photojournalist, now captures the beauty of our beach community. On her website , Renee showcases her love of pets, the beach, birds, and more. Follow her @sauerpower14 on Instagram or contact her here.
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Happy June,
Nina Brown


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