December 2021: Information Sharing Edition
In this edition: 

  • Happy Holidays!
  • SickKids COVID-19 Vaccine Consult Service
  • Recruitment Open for ProsperUs Community Action Network
  • Prosper Canada Launches Financial Self-Help Portal For Vulnerable Canadians
  • Short-Term Counselling at the UHC-Hub of Opportunities
  • Empowering Women for Employment (EWE) Program at WEST
  • In the News

Happy Holidays!

Wishing you a safe and happy holiday season! See you in the new year!
From all of us at P2P
SickKids COVID-19 Vaccine Consult Service
Recruitment Open for ProsperUs Community Action Network
The United Way has opened the recruitment period for the ProsperUs Community Action Network -Advocacy Working Groups and are again looking for individuals who live in West Windsor, Downtown Windsor and Leamington. The group will focus on organizing efforts for advocacy on challenges impacting our community.
The application and more information can be found on ProsperUs website
Prosper Canada Launches Financial Self-Help Portal For Vulnerable Canadians
Prosper Canada announced the launch of Trove, a bilingual online portal providing free financial tools, worksheets, and educational resources to help financially vulnerable Canadians take control of their finances. 
Prosper Canada is launching Trove to empower people with low incomes to take independent action to build their financial health, using tools and resources specifically tailored to their financial context and needs. 
Accessible at, the site provides tools, tips and worksheets to help individuals: 

  • Budget and save for their goals 
  • Learn about tax filing and government benefits 
  • Tackle debt through debt action planning and support. 
Short-Term Counselling at the UHC-Hub of Opportunities
UHC - Hub of Opportunities is now providing short-term counselling services to permanent residents and conventional refugees aged 18+.

Please call Kimberly at 519-944-4900 ext. 123 to register for a one-on-one session.

Empowering Women for Employment (EWE) Program at WEST
Increase in Food Bank Usage During the Pandemic
The HungerCount 2021 report from Food Banks Canada surveyed almost all of Canada's 4,750-plus food banks and community organizations. Canadians made 1.3 million visits to food banks in March 2021, a 20.3% increase compared to March 2019.

June Muir, CEO of the Unemployed Help Centre Hub of Opportunities and the president of the Windsor-Essex Food Bank Association, indicated there were 9,000 new users at regional food banks From April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021. In Windsor, the UHC Hub of Opportunities saw a 74% increase in its use, serving 115,000 people between April 2020 and March 31, 2021. The UHC assisted clientele of other food banks that were not able to serve clients safely at the start of the pandemic.

To read the full article, visit CBC webpage:

To read the full HungerCount 2021 Report, visit:
Ontario Launches Free Menstrual Products in Schools
The City of Windsor is moving forward with a pilot project to provide free menstrual products in public washrooms at six of its largest buildings.
The estimated cost for the one-year pilot is $19,000. That includes $10,000 for initial installation of dispensers and receptacles, and $9,000 for products over the course of the year.
The six buildings where the project will run are: the WFCU Centre, Windsor Water World, Windsor International Aquatic and Training Centre, Capri Pizzeria Recreation Complex, 350 City Hall Square and 400 City Hall Square.

Ontario Helping Newcomers Start Their Careers
Proposed changes would help address labour shortages by helping internationally-trained immigrants practice their profession or trade.

Access the full article here: Ontario Helping Newcomers Start Their Careers
Ontario Helping More People Development Disabilities Access Housing
Investing an additional $13 million over three years to help connect people with developmental disabilities with accessible and affordable housing in their own community.

Ontario Investing in Mental Health and Addictions Supports for Indigenous Communities
Investing more than $36 million in community-led mental health and addictions supports in Indigenous communities across the province. This funding will help ensure culturally appropriate and trauma-informed supports are readily available for Indian residential school survivors and their families as well as Indigenous-led student, youth and gender-focused services.

Municipal Social Investment Efforts
City of Windsor
Stephen Lynn
519-255-5200 ext. 5302
Teresa Falsetta Aflak
519-255-5200 ext. 6809
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