Volume 10 | July / August 2019
Pathways to Growth Bi-Monthly News & Updates
Meet Our Team
Michelle Willis joined the Pathways to Growth team as a writer, reviewer and researcher in March 2019. She has dedicated nearly 10 years to serving the community as the Director of Grants and Proposals for a large nonprofit and prior to that, as the Manager of Research and Grants for a national nonprofit.

Michelle states "I was fortunate to meet Julé at her grant writing seminar. She was and continues to be very generous with her time and advice."

Referring to her clients, Michelle states " The diversity of Pathways to Growth's client base was a big draw for me - it is exciting to work with clients in support of missions that impact the lives of people in our community and beyond." 

In her spare time, Michelle enjoys traveling with her husband and spending time with family near and far. 
Catch Up With Us

Prior to applying for grants it is critical for nonprofits to assess themselves in numerous areas to be sure they can be competitive in the grant seeking arena. P2G President Jule' Colvin answers the question What is Grant Readine ss ? in her blog post.
Celebrating Winning Grants

Congratulations to all of our Pathways to Growth Clients who received notification of winning grants!

Over the past two months, our clients have received over $301,000 in grant funding.

The funding will impact communities in an abundance of capacities, like feeding, clothing and educating children, housing the homeless, and finding jobs for the unemployed. Our staff of writers, reviewers and researchers take great pride in representing our clients and their good work through quality grant writing.

Funders included:
Alvah H. & Wyline P. Chapman Foundation
Caspers Company - McDonald's Restaurants
Children's Board of Hillsborough County
Ben B. Cheney Foundation
State of Florida Division of Cultural Affairs
GTE Foundation
Hillsborough County CDBG
St. Pete Social Action Funds
USAA Foundation
Walmart Foundation
Wells Fargo Foundation
Welcome to the P2G Family
P2G is pleased to partner with Collier Community Abstinence Program (CCAP) in their mission to promote abstinence from sexual activity with students ages 11 through 18. 

CCAP stresses that abstinence is the only 100% effective protection from the possible physical, emotional, mental and social consequences of sex outside of marriage. They teach that each student has the power to control personal behavior and encourage students to base actions on reasoning, self-esteem, and respect for others.

After the first ten years of the implementation of CCAP workbooks in Collier County, the Florida Department of Health statistics (for 15-19 year olds) indicated a drop in the bacterial STD rate from 27 th place to 4 th  lowest rate out of 67 counties and births to unwed mothers dropped 50%. Students have stated “It has definitely changed my whole perspective of my life.” and “It will teach you the importance of not only abstinence, but to have self-control, standards and limits, to be responsible.” 
Children's Board of Hillsborough County's Social Enterprise Competition
Pathways to Growth President Jule' Colvin recently taught two portions of the Children's Board of Hillsborough County's Social Enterprise Competition training: Social Return on Investment and Benefits to Hillsborough County.

The leading applicants will present their social enterprise projects before a panel of judges. The top prize winner receives $25,000!
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