Patient-Doctor freedom 
advanced last week at BRI's 5th Annual Leadership Conference in St. Louis!
February 9, 2017
Thirty-one students from around the United States--and two from Nigeria--gathered last weekend to learn about effective actions to protect the patient-doctor relationship and take back healthcare freedom.

Healing Our Healers Through the Patient-Doctor Relationship

31 students from 12 schools attended BRI's 2017 Leadership Conference on Healing Our Healers Through the Patient-Doctor Relationship

In a humble conference room in St. Louis, medical students heard eight speakers from diverse backgrounds enlighten and educate them about the greatness and promise of healthcare freedom and showed them--as future doctors--how they can be excited again about a positive future in medicine.

"I have been miserable during my M2 year of medical school. The courses have been a slog of basic sciences, and patients are treated as malfunctioning machines. The BRI Leadership Conference revitalized my love of medicine and my love for the doctor-patient relationship. There is nothing more powerful than being a source of kindness and confidence for a patient. I have been re-inspired by the conference." 
~Medical Student, Medical College of Wisconsin

Schools represented at the conference were:
Host Chapter Saint Louis University School of Medicine * George Washington University * Indiana University School of Medicine * Marian University College of Osteopathic Medicine * Medical College of Wisconsin * Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine * Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine *  The Ohio State University College of Medicine * The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center College of Medicine * UC Irvine School of Medicine * University of Delaware * University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

" . . . the BRI leadership conference really gave me the tools and confidence to discuss these difficult and controversial topics of healthcare ethics with an informed, varied, and just approach."  ~Medical Student, St. Louis University School of Medicine

Dr. Elaina George with attendee Jacob Chevlen
BRI proudly featured these speakers:

Each speaker presented a strong case for independence and freedom. Dr. Julie Gunther and Dr. Jules Madrigal described their path to joy & independence in their private practices; Dr. Julapalli described his and his family's journey through the broken healthcare system and the difference finding one committed, patient-centered doctor can make; Gayle Brekke described the real role of insurance in healthcare; Dr. Elaina George unapologetically advocated for setting up a medical practice on the doctor's terms and how that ultimately is the very best way to serve one's patients. Ms. Jameson Carey described her journey to becoming an advocate for doctor independence, and Dr. Accad stressed that regardless how medical oaths and healthcare environments change and evolve, it is ultimately vital for doctors to steadfastly and professionally declare ultimate allegiance to their patients.

We are grateful to our donors and supporters who contributed $1,000 or more to make this conference happen:

Libe rty HealthShare (SM): There is strength in numbers. Join a community of health-conscious Americans who practice longstanding Christian principles in sharing healthcare costs. Liberty HealthShare (SM) exists for everyone who purchases healthcare for themselves or their family, or who wants to control their own healthcare. Liberty HealthShare (SM) is not  insurance. It simply unites like-minded Americans to share medical costs together.

Students sport their "Exercise Your Freedom" t-shirts provided by Liberty HealthShare, gracious sponsor of Friday's lunch & Keynote address by Dr. Elaina George.

St. Louis Metropolitan Medical Society (2nd year of support): The St. Louis Metropolitan Medical Society is the voice for thousands of medical and osteopathic physicians in the city of St. Louis and St. Louis County. Founded in 1836, we are one of the oldest local  medical societies in the United States. We support member physicians through continuing medical education as well as professional networking plus a variety of other special services. We assure that the physician's voice is heard in the formation and adoption of state legislation affecting medicine. 

The Conservative Forum of Silicon Valley
Vision: To promote the principles of American liberty.
Mission Statement: The mission of The Conservative Forum of Silicon Valley is to promote the principles of American liberty through education. As the recognized conservative non-partisan umbrella organization in the Bay Area (CA), we are the place for conservatives from Silicon Valley and beyond to gather, share ideas and become empowered.

And these private individuals: Sally Pipes * Dr. Jan Breslow * Dr. Ori Hampel * Dr. Robert Hertzka * Dr. Hal Scherz * Dr. Beth Haynes
SLU hosts Scope of Practice Panel for BRI conference

Scope of Practice Panel an Integral part of BRI Conference
Host Chapter Saint Louis University produced a professional and well-attended panel discussion event on Friday evening as part of the BRI Conference.

Close to 100 students and community members turned out on a chilly evening to listen to this controversial topic. 


The annual BRI Conference refreshes and inspires me every year. It is my honor and privilege to work with these bright, energetic, and optimistic medical students who value the patient-doctor relationship as being central to good medicine, and who are eager to learn more about the policies needed to protect healthcare freedom.

With your help, we completed the 5th successful Student Leadership Conference, and we look forward to another year of amazing events!

In partnership,
Beth Haynes, MD
Executive Director

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