October 19, 2017 Vol. I No. 4

Patient Engagement

Beyond hoped-for improvements in clinical outcomes from actively engaged patients, patient engagement metrics now factor heavily into the equations of risk- and value-based reimbursement models. With continued anticipated growth in  these types of reimbursement models, healthcare organizations are continuing to invest and refine their patient engagement strategies.

With this as a backdrop, it's not surprising that a clear majority of respondents to HIN's recent Benchmark Survey on Patient Engagement have created formal patient engagement programs, with 4 percent of the remaining slated to launch a program in the coming year. Nearly two-thirds (63 percent) mine clinical data analytics to risk-stratify individuals for engagement efforts.

And, it will continue to be an organizational priority for healthcare organizations in the year ahead, according to a new study of 2018 healthcare industry concerns by the Healthcare Executive Group.
  1. Increasing Patient Portal Engagement Key Factor in High-Performing Physician Practices
  2. Patient Portal Roll-Out Strategy: Activating and Engaging Patients in Self-Care and Population Health
  3. The Two Most Effective Patient Engagement Initiatives
  4. Value-based Reimbursement Models Drive Patient Engagement Investments
  5. 2017 Healthcare Benchmarks: Patient Engagement
  6. Data Analytics Improves Patient Engagement Results
  7. Data Analytics, SDOH Screenings Flag Disengaged and 12 More Patient Engagement Trends
  8. Live Phone Calls Better Than Text Messages to Remind People About Colon Cancer Screening
  9. Framework for Patient Engagement: 6 Stages to Success in a Value-Based Health System
  10. Health Literacy: Independent Predictor of Cancer Patients' Hospitalizations
  11. Patient Engagement Coach for Clinicians: Supportive Peer at Provider's Elbow
  12. Patient Engagement: Educate in Face of Social Health Determinants, Health Literacy Hurdles
  13. PinnacleHealth Engagement Coaches Score Points with High-Risk Patients, Win Over Clinicians
  14. 9 Protocols to Promote Patient Engagement in High-Risk, High-Cost Populations

Community Partnerships

Strong community partnerships are playing a bigger role in healthcare organizations today as organizations seek to address all of the factors that can impact a patient's health. Are they working for you?   Tell your story.

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