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Winter 2020 ESRD Network 16
January 2020  
Get to Know Your Treatment Options 
Many kidney patients say that when they were diagnosed with kidney failure they were in shock and overwhelmed with all the information coming their way. You probably felt very sick and can remember being told you would need treatment of some kind; and the next thing you know, you are in a dialysis center getting dialysis three times a week. While in-center dialysis can be a very good option for some people, it is important that you know it is not your only treatment option. There are several other ways to treat kidney failure.
Home Hemodialysis- This looks very similar to in-center dialysis, but is done by you and/or a care partner in the comfort of your home! You create your own schedule and can dialyze more often. Don’t worry, you will be well trained and will still have a lot of support from professional dialysis staff during monthly visits and by phone whenever you have questions. 
Peritoneal Dialysis (PD)- PD is also done at home, but looks very different from hemodialysis. Just like Home Hemodialysis, you will be trained and provided with all the support you need. PD does not require needles and is done through a catheter (or tube) that is placed in your belly.
Transplant- A kidney transplant is when a kidney from another person (living or deceased) is placed inside your body to do the work that your own kidneys can no longer do. With a kidney transplant you can live a very normal life and do not require any form of dialysis while the kidney continues to function. 
These are very simple descriptions and we want to encourage each of you to learn as much as you can about these options so you can choose the treatment modality that best fits your needs. Visit: to take a quiz that will help you discover a treatment option that best fits your life.

And, for additional resources please visit: . If you don’t’ have access to computer, please call us at (800) 262-1514 and we would be happy to mail some resources to you.
You Have the Right to File a Grievance about Your Kidney Care
A grievance is a concern with the services received from a Medicare-certified dialysis or transplant provider. Concerns can include things like issues with safety, not being treated with dignity and respect, patient rights being violated and/or clinical standards of care not being met. If you have a concern regarding your ESRD treatment you may exercise your right to file a grievance through the Network’s grievance process. The purpose of the grievance process is to address concerns alleging that ESRD services were not provided or that they did not meet community, state or federal standards. If you would like to file a grievance you may contact the Patient Services Department toll-free at (800) 262-.
Upon receipt of your grievance the Network will classify the case as one of the following:
1. Immediate Advocacy- non-clinical concerns that do not require complex investigation- resolved in 7 days or less.
2. General Grievance- concerns that are non-clinical in nature, but require complex investigation and records review- resolved in 60 days or less.
3. Clinical Quality of Care- concerns that involve a clinical or patient safety issue and require clinical record review by an RN and/or the Medical Review Board- resolved in 60 days or less.
We are committed to ensuring that all patients receive quality care and all investigations will be conducted to the best of our ability with the goal of improving your experience at your center.
Access to Care
Are you having trouble finding a dialysis facility? The Network can provide assistance in locating dialysis clinics in your area. You can also access this information on your own on the Dialysis Facility Compare Website: .
While we cannot force a unit to take you, we can help to coordinate transfers, treatment agreements or trial placements. All patients are expected to follow facility rules and maintain appropriate behavior that allows all patients to be treated in a safe, violence free environment.
If you have any questions about your rights, you can visit our website: or call us at (800) 262-1514.
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Report Grievances

To file a grievance about your dialysis facility, contact Network 16 by calling:


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