Clinical Trials E-Newsletter | January 2018
Clinical Trials
Patients should "Ask-In" 
on clinical trials participation
African American participation in prostate cancer clinical trials must move from the 3-5% range to the 10-12% level in order to determine the effectiveness of new treatments for this population with the highest prostate cancer incidence and death rates. 
As part of its  Clinical Trials Rally  PHEN is encouraging all Prostate cancer patients to "Ask In "  on clinical trials participation by searching out specific trials as treatment options to discuss with their doctors.
There can be immediate benefits for patients who participate in prostate cancer clinical trials including access to treatments and expert care that may not otherwise be available or affordable. 
PHEN is comfortable recommending that black men embrace clinical trial participation because today there are regulations and review boards governing the medical institutions participating in clinical trials that insure patient safety. 
More than 80% of attendees at PHEN's clinical trials educational programs indicate that they are willing to consider participating in trials after they have understood the benefits and risks .

  "Ask - In" and you may find that your best treatment
option is a clinical trial. 
Clinical Trial Highlights
Clinical trials are available for newly diagnosed prostate cancer patients 
to those with advanced prostate cancer

ENACT    - For patients considering active surveillance or currently undergoing active surveillance....   More

EMBARK   -  For patients with a rising PSA after being treated with surgery, radiation or both... More   

ATLAS   -  For patients diagnosed with high-risk, localized or locally advanced prostate cancer as determined by a high PSA and/or Gleason Score and stage of cancer... More

ARAMIS   - For patients with prostate cancer that has not spread beyond the prostate... More

The TRUMPET Registry  - For patients whose prostate cancer has grown or spread despite use of hormonal treatments to lower their PSA, also known as castration resistant prostate cancer... More
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