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Author Maureen Maillet  
Weekend Cowboy's main character, Kate Jones, believes Patrn can cure just about anything. As does Maillet, who attaches a mini bottle of Patron to her novel, as a unique gesture to symbolize the Texas theme throughout the book. Not only is Weekend Cowboy set in the Texas Hill Country, but her publisher is also based in Houston! Celebrate with us as we bring Weekend Cowboy to life!

Visit Maillet's website to learn more about the author and the novel. features the first chapter of her novel, insightful blog entries, Book Giveaways, music from Weekend Cowboy's soundtrack and much more! 

Black Rose Writing




Black Rose Writing is proud to announce the release of

Weekend Cowboy by Maureen Maillet


"A timely commentary on both the tangled health care industry and family interrelations in a thriller that twists both elements into a gripping story."


Someone desperately wants Kate Jones and her husband dead. Kate oversees a bio-tech company on the verge of rewriting the rules for drug discovery. At the same time she is trying to sustain her marriage and raise three children. On a ranch in the Texas hill country, Kate finds a safe retreat from her problems. Between body-guards and lingering in the public eye, she attempts to lead a normal life while keeping one step ahead of the killers. In the end, Kate will be forced to change the course of history if she wants to stay alive.


"I am so relieved to know that Weekend Cowboy is part of a trilogy because one book is just not enough contact with these highly developed characters. Kate Jones and Harlynn Barrett, the in-laws and outlaws. Maureen Maillet has done a superb job of pacing her plot and taking the reader to the edge. Stay tuned for Maillet's next one...I can't wait!"

Michelle Smith



Maureen Maillet was born in Florida and moved to Texas as a young child. After 10 years in the hedge fund industry, Maureen has decided to follow her passion for writing. She currently lives in Houston with her husband and two children.

Now available for review request (both hard copy and electronic). Purchase from, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and many other on-line bookstores, including Ebook formats. The book is also available for direct order via the Ingram Book Catalog, Books in Print and Baker & Taylor. ISBN # 978-1-61296-147-7.



Stop by Barnes & Nobles on West Gray for a signed copy of Weekend Cowboy. For more information on where to purchase the book, visit Maureen Maillet's website.

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