December 2018 Newsletter
December is both a happy yet stressful month. With the holidays around the corner, it is a time for shopping, baking, and prepping for the holidays. Doing these activities with family and friends will remind you to breathe and enjoy this time. I wish you all a wonderful holiday season and Happy New Year.

"Holidays - any holiday - are such a great opportunity to focus on bringing the family together." - Lidia Bastianich

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I am so excited to announce the new pilot program, "Positive Aging" on Rhode Island PBS that I am producing and hosting. We look forward to expanding this to a year long series. This is a continuation of my work for almost four decades to highlight positive living through the media.
Stay tuned for sneak preview of show segments.

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Upcoming Guests on
Monday, December 3rd - Variety channel
2:00-2:30pm/11:00-11:30am PT -
Janice Bryant Howroyd
" As A Man Thinkeh" Now "As A Person Thinks"

Janice Bryant Howroyd, author and businesswoman and Nightingale-Conant Corporation, a world-leader in personal development, today announced the release of “As a Person Thinks – Enhanced and Presented by Janice Bryant Howroyd,” a seminal piece on the power of thought. She will discuss how the re-release from James Allens, "As a Man Thinketh" platforms an opportunity to bring an age old wisdom forward that has helped herself professionally and personally. More about Janice

2:30-3:00pm/11:30-12:00pm PT-
Joan Diver
WHEN SPIRIT CALLS: A Healing Odyssey

Joan Diver, is a highly respected leader and accomplished foundation executive who left an inspiring legacy of social change. She will discuss her new memoir, "WHEN SPIRIT CALLS: A Healing Odyssey." She will talk about tracing her journey from Boston foundation executive to spiritual healer—overcoming both physical and emotional pain, and the skepticism of family and friends. She hopes to encourage others to follow their own paths to healing. More about Joan Diver
Monday, December 10th - Variety channel
2:00-2:30pm/11:00-11:30am PT -
Jessi Bloom
Creating Sanctuary

Jessi Bloom, is a best-selling author, award-winning ecological landscape designer, and speaker.  Her book, "Creating Sanctuary", t aps into multiple sources of traditional plant wisdom to help find a deeper connection to the outdoor space you already have—no matter the size. She includes tips on designing a healing space, plant profiles for 50 sacred plants, recipes that harness the medicinal properties of plants, and simple instructions for daily rituals and practices for self-care. More about Jessi
2:30-3:00pm/11:00-11:30am PT -
Michael Pipich
Challenges of Entrepreneurship

 Michael Pipich a psychotherapist and author of “Owning Bipolar:  How Patients and Families Can Take Control of Bipolar Disorder.” He will break down the bipolar disorder into understandable parts so patients and families know what to expect from diagnosis, treatment, and long term management. He wants others to believe that the importance of early diagnosis and patient/family understanding cannot be overestimated. More about Michael

Monday, December 17th - Variety channel

2:00-2:30pm/11:00-11:30am PT -
Leah DeCesare
Forks, Knives, and Spoons

Leah DeCesare, author of new book, "Forks, Knives, and Spoons," is a thought-provoking coming of age story that takes readers on a nostalgic journey back to the 1980s and 1990s. She will talk about how there are three types of guys: forks, knives and spoons. She will discuss her book and how we can earn to believe in ourselves—and not to settle in love or life. More about Leah

2:30-3:00pm/11:30-12:00am PT -
Sylvia Brown
Grappling With Legacy

Silvia Brown, is a passionate advocate of thoughtful and effective giving, drawing on 300 years of philanthropy by her family. She is the author of ‘Grappling With Legacy - Rhode Island’s Brown Family and The American Philanthropic Impulse’. With her unique insight into the evolution of charitable giving in America, permission is to promote affordable donor education. She will discuss her book program ‘Uplifting Journey’s Program’ and her work as encore public voices fellow writing on effective giving practices for American’s retirees.

Monday, December 24th - Variety channel

2:00-2:30pm/11:00-11:30am PT -
Tiffany Masters
 Love Around The Holiday Season

Tiffany Masters, was born a gifted, sensitive child and has continued to be that way all her life. She has always had the heighten sensibilities of sight, hearing, feeling and knowing. As a Intuitive-Medium, she has the ability to speak to loved ones that have crossed to give messages to those still in the physical. She will be discussing and giving advice on how to celebrate love and bring more love into your life around the holiday season. More about Tiffany

2:30-3:00pm/11:00-11:30am PT -
Dr. Lisa Shulman
Before and After Loss

Lisa Shulman, MD is a professor of neurology at The University of Maryland. A uthor of " Before and After Loss: A Neurologist’s Perspective on Loss, Grief, and Our Brain ". She will explore the effects of losing and grieving a loved one on the mind, brain, and body. She will discuss tools to build confidence in managing grief and to rebuild life after loss - at our own pace and without preconceptions about the "right way to grieve". More about Lisa Shulman
Monday, December 31st - Variety channel

2:00-3:00pm/11:00-11:30am PT -
Renee Aloisio and Rebeka Mazzone
Assessing Your Physical and Fiscal Fitness

Renee Aloisio , practice leader of Citrin Cooperman’s Office of the CFO and Chair-elect of the Southeastern New England American Heart Association, will discuss how to take your physical and fiscal fitness to heart. Renee is passionate about helping business leaders and organizations know their numbers and the implications behind them.  Renee will be joined by Rebeka Mazzone , Director within the Office of the CFO practice. More about Renee Aloisio and More about Rebeka Mazzone

2:30-3:00pm/11:00-11:30am PT -
Emilio DiSpirito
Assessing You Home in the New Year

Emilio DiSpirito is a Realtor, Team Leader of the DiSpirito Team & National Radio Show affiliated with iheartradio. "The Round Table Real Estate Simplified" airs Sunday's at 10 am on Newsradio 920 am, on Apple, Google, Sticher, Soundcloud and all major podcast channels. Emilio has been featured on over 50 radio productions and podcasts across the world. This has affords an international referral network of top end real estate professionals. He will discuss how to assess your home in the New Year so you know it's value and can develop a future plan. More about Emilio DiSpirito

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7 Ways to Light Up Your Life at the Holidays

Write something special for your family
Make up a jingle, poem or letter to your children, grandchildren and close relatives that celebrates your holiday and celebrates them.

Make a list of eight intangible gifts you can give to others
The intangibles are positive intrinsic qualities that are your natural gifts. For example, qualities could be kindness, compassion, and generosity.

Do Kind Deeds
You can create miracles in the lives of others by finding ways to help. It could be through a note, hand made gift, doing a chore for them, or just give them your listening ear.

Set an example
Teach others what you are learning. Share it with others at the holidays and all year long.

Find a favorite holiday recipe
If you don’t like to cook, get some help or make it a project. Have a party, where several people bring the same thing and you can all share.

Practice self-care during this busy time
Take out time to exercise, learn something new or practice a new skill, and do something that brings you personal joy. When your cup of joy is filled, it’s so much easier to bring joy to others.

Make a list of miracles in your life
Think about last year during the holiday season and miracles that have come into your life since then. It could be from the birth of a child or grandchild to a big “thank you” from someone close to you.

Patricia's Pics of the Month

I am excited to introduce EvanLEE Organics
to my friends and colleagues!

After years of research and development 24:45 Organic Super Grow System have developed a 100% organic grow system that will produce the best tasting, healthiest, and fastest growing produce available. Grow and eat fresh organic produce year round while enjoying the many health benefits of being organic.

This indoor grow rack system uses terraponics, not hydroponics or aquaponics to grow plants 25% - 75% faster than supplier estimates. There are some plants that you can't grow hydroponically, but with terraponics almost any plant can be grown. While hydroponics requires technical knowledge and training, terraponics needs minimum instruction.

Nothing tastes better than fresh cut produce. Imagine growing your own organic lettuce in the dead of winter. Imagine eating that fresh, crisp lettuce that you grew with very little effort. These grow racks makes this possible and let's your household grow food year round. They are being used in colleges, schools, senior centers, hospitals, and food service facilities among others.

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