December 2021 Newsletter
December is a month of holiday cheer and a time for gift giving. We look forward to the holiday music, the warm fires in the fireplace and the whole family reuniting to celebrate the season together. Warm coats, hats and gloves are are taken out of our closets and thrown on so we can watch the magical winter snow fall.

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Monday, December 6th - Variety Channel

Paula Marshall
Finding The Soul of Big Business

Paula Marshall is the author of Finding the Soul of Big Business and has been the CEO of the Bama Companies since 1984. On the Patricia Raskin Positive Living Show, she will give tips on how to make work fulfilling and productive, as well as discuss her book, Finding the Soul of Big Business.

Monday, December 13th - Variety Channel

Amber and Autumn Topping
The Silver Petticoat Review

Amber and Autumn Topping are identical twin sisters who created The Silver Petticoat Review, a website reviewing love stories of every genre from books to tv shows and more. They will discuss where their inspiration came from and why period dramas are so impactful, touching upon where they started and how they got to where they are now.

Monday, December 20th - Variety Channel
Rocky Lalvani
Richer Soul

Rocky Lalvani is the Chief Profitability Advisor or Profit First Professional, who helps assist entrepreneurs and small business owners to grow their business. He will discuss how he made his fortune and why his method for creating a happy life is so successful.
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Monday, December 27th - Variety Channel
Robbie Bach
The Wilkes Insurrection: A Contemporary Thriller

Robbie Bach is an entertaining storyteller and catalyzing voice who writes books and speaks to audiences on leadership, creativity, strategy and civic issues. He will discuss his newest book The Wilkes Insurrection: A Contemporary Thriller, as well as his experience working at Microsoft for 22 years.

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Positively Speaking: Patricia's Perspective

Happiness and Wisdom As We Age

I am a baby boomer and feel that there is positive landscape for aging with so much new information and technologies on health, wellness and prevention.

In The 2021 May 4 issue of AARP by Christiana Ianzito, the title of the article says it all: Older Adults Give Their Mental Health High Marks, Polls Find. She writes, “In many ways COVID-19 has been particularly hard on older adults, who are more vulnerable to complications from the virus. But when it comes to their mental health, the older they are, the better they’ve felt, according to recent surveys.

Ianzito sites a newly released University of Michigan poll in which 2 in 3 adults ages 50-80 (65 percent) rated their mental health as excellent or very good, 27 percent as good, and 8 percent as fair or poor…. She says, “More than 80 percent said their mental health is as good as, or better than, it was 20 years ago.”

Studies have shown that resilience significantly contributes to exceptional longevity. This includes the ability to face loss which happen more as we get older, have a positive attitude and maintain our health through self care practices.
Some suggestions to expand brain health is to try something new such as volunteering for a worthy cause, taking up dancing, going back to school, joining a social club, taking up a new hobby, getting a pet and traveling
As we age and gain wisdom, we can add more value to our world and society and our knowledge and our experience can be passed down to influence the coming generations.