February 2023 Newsletter
February is here! The Latin term februa, which meaning "to cleanse," gave February its name. It is the month of love and gratitude, not just for others but also for ourselves. Despite the fact that Valentine's Day drives a lot of rose sales during the month of February, violets are the flower of symbolism. The color violet stands for diligence, fidelity, and commitment.
Podcast: Live Better Longer

Live Better Longer and hear from the best of the best!

Tune into the 13 part series on Rhode Island PBS -- "Positive Aging with Patricia Raskin."
Patricia interviews nationally-recognized authors, experts, and celebrities who share the latest in research, and facts to support the healthy, active, and happy lifestyles of older adults.
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Monday, February 6
Best of Shows: Rebroadcast
voiceamerica.com - Variety Channel

Ed McDonough
Generating More Sales

Ed McDonough: is a nationally recognized Email Marketing Consultant, creator of the Quantum Email Marketing Platform and the author of the Amazon Best Selling books, Client Acquisition Marketing and Build And Monetize Your Email List. Ed is the founder and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of ECE Marketing Services.

He will discuss his newest book Client Acquisition Marketing: the authentic five stage system that allows you to consistently generate more leads and convert them into new clients, faster and with less effort.

Monday, February 13
 voiceamerica.com - Variety Channel
Tina Santos & Kaleigh Perkins 
Youth Achieving their Potential

Tina Santos, the Director of Marketing, and Kaleigh Perkins, Chief Program Officer of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Rhode Island and the Big Sisters Fund, collectively known as BBBSRI. The two 501(c)3 non-profit organizations have one mission: To create and support one-to-one mentoring relationships that ignite the power and promise of youth. They will discuss how Big Brothers Bigs Sisters of Rhode Island creates and supports one-to-one mentoring relationships, how they partner with parents/guardians, volunteers and others in the community and how they embrace diversity and a spirit of cooperation.

Big Brothers Bigs Sisters of Rhode Island creates and supports one-to-one mentoring relationships, how they partner with parents/guardians, volunteers and others in the community and how they embrace diversity and a spirit of cooperation.

Monday, February 20
 voiceamerica.com - Variety Channel
Barbara Becker
How to Live More Fully

Barbara Becker has spent the last 25 years collaborating with human-rights activists all over the world to promote order, stability, and interreligious understanding. She has worked with the United Nations, Human Rights First, the Ms. Foundation for Women, and Bangladesh's Grameen Bank. Prior to that, she taught communications for social change at Columbia for over ten years.

She will discuss her new book Heartwood: The Art of Living with the End in Mind. Where she dives deep into the question of Can we live our lives more fully knowing some day we will die?.

Monday, February 27
 voiceamerica.com - Variety Channel
Dr. Donna Marks
Solutions to Addiction

Dr. Donna Marks: For over thirty years, she has worked as a licensed psychotherapist and addictions counselor. She is also a certified gestalt therapist, psychoanalyst, hypnotist, sex therapist, and A Course in Miracles instructor, in addition to sharing her methods with hundreds of thousands of listeners on podcasts and radio shows.
She will discuss her upcoming book Exit the Maze: One Addiction, One cause, One Solution. where she teaches people how to replace addiction with love, allowing love to guide you through the maze of addiction and back to living your best life. 
For more information on Dr. Donna Marks and her book
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Positively Speaking: Patricia's Perspective

Steps for Negotiation

I wanted to explore the topic of negotiation as there has been so much conflict in this area in politics in the last month. here are my suggestions based on successful negotiation steps:                                                          
First realize that healthy conflict can results In better communication and improved relationships. Effective negotiation requires excellent verbal communication and listening skills.                                                              
 Before you negotiate ask yourself,     
What is the issue?
Is the issue negotiable?
What are the views on either side of the issue?
What questions can I ask to understand the other side and gather information?
How can I explore possible solutions with the other party that are in alignment with both our goals?
What steps can we take to test the solution?
How and when do we follow-up and evaluate?                            
The main points for successful negotiation are to be proactive, communicate with openness, keep the conversation going, stick to a model/process for managing conflict, focus on a win-win solutions and practice.

Conflict doesn’t go away on its own, but using a methodical process for negotiation and conflict resolution can go a long way to solving problems with win-win outcomes.