February 2022 Newsletter
February is the month of love and kindness. It is a time to reach out to our loved ones and remind them of how much they matter, especially now with Covid's resurgences. stems from appreciating ourselves and realizing our potential. You can accomplish anything once you begin to surround yourself with kindness and allow love into your life.

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Monday, February 7th
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Tina Zion
Be Your Own Medical Intuitive

Tina Zion is is a fourth-generation intuitive medium, nurse, educator, and expert in medical intuition. She focuses on teaching the skill of medical intuition across the world which allows individuals to master their lives on new levels. Tina will discuss her book Be Your Own Medical Intuitive which helps heal and transform one into a healthier mind, body and gain awareness.

Monday, February 14th
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Carola vom Hagen
The Psychology of Interior Color

Carola vom Hagen believes that the art of color, especially in a home or office, can be the key to fulfilling a healthy mental, emotional and physical well-being. Growing up, Carola used this technique to reconnect with herself and heal from traumas. She advocates for individuals to explore the dimensions of colors and how they can truly be effecting us. Carola teaches how the psychology of colors can create a safe space and invite happiness into our lives.

Monday, February 21st
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Paula Marshall
Finding The Soul of Big Business

Paula Marshall is the author of Finding the Soul of Big Business and has been the CEO of the Bama Companies since 1984. On the Patricia Raskin Positive Living Show, she will give tips on how to make work fulfilling and productive, as well as discuss her book, Finding the Soul of Big Business.

Monday, February 28th
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Marcia Naomi Berger
Marriage Minded: An A-to-Z Dating Guide for Lasting Love 

Marcia Naomi Berger has been licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist for over 30 years. Her expertise in positive relationship dynamic has helped individuals build on their strengths. She creates lasting emotionally and spiritually positive relationships. Marcia will discuss her book Marriage Minded: An
A-to-Z Dating Guide for Lasting Love which helps people overcome obstacles within a relationship to help for a lasting marriage.

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Positively Speaking: Patricia's Perspective

Preventing Molehills From Becoming Mountains

We tend to get angry over the little things – the way someone says something, an employee late for work, making a computer mistake, not being friendly in the workplace, the coffee not being there, etc.

The question is,why do the little things get to us? Why are they such a big deal? The real reason goes much deeper. Using insight, intuition and reasoning, you can get to the heart of the matter – if you want to.

Let’s analyze that list above. What all of those annoyances have in common is that someone did not hear you or listen or give value to your work or business which means that they do not care. That translates into, “ I or my work is not important enough, not worthy enough.” So what we do instead of facing these feelings is to get snappy in our tone or we get quiet and detach. Some of us get angry and scream.
The solution? Simple but not easy. First you have to get to the bottom of your feelings and admit how you really feel without making excuses. Then you have to find a way to share those feelings with the other person. Words to begin with are , “When you do this, I feel…” There is no blame here. This is how you feel. If the other person gets defensive and angry, let them know that these are your feelings and focus on solving the problem where you both can a create a positive solution in the workplace. The goal here is to catch this before it escalates. You may need help, but if you value your workplace relationships and want to make them work, you need to address the deeper issues of the annoyances. Wanting to work things out, finding the right support, developing and following an action plan are key ingredients to working through the “small” issues that have large emotions attached to them. It’s never too late when you make up your mind to give it your best shot.