August 2018 Newsletter
August is the height of summer and the time to enjoy all of the heat, travel, ice cream, beaches, and outdoor activities that the second month of summer has to offer. Take this time to reflect, rejuvenate, reconnect, and open yourself to great new beginnings during this time. Bask in every moment, take time for yourself, and enjoy the rest of this Summer season!

Happy August!

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 The Patricia Raskin Show has made a move. After 10 and a half wonderful years on WPRO, Patricia is now broadcasting her program exclusively on and iTunes, where her show has been on air for 15 years.
The show name is now Patricia Raskin Positive Living Show. is the #1 in Internet, online and podcast listening. 

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Upcoming Guests on
Monday, August 6th - Variety channel
2:00-2:30pm/11:00-11:30am PT -
Tonya the Bella Starr
Ancient Teachings of Healing, Beauty, and Wisdom

Tonya the Bella Starr, Yoga and Reiki Master, a Reconnection Facilitator, a Matrix Energetics Practitioner and holds a Masters Degree in Holistic Counseling. She is the author of multiple Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Curricula based on the Ancient Mystery Schools and the Temples of Beauty. She owned and operated a yoga studio and school and has trained hundreds of teachers in her unique style and method of yoga and healing. Tonya will discuss her forthcoming book, The Secret Shakti Current, the Cornerstone of The Original Ancient Teachings taught and preserved in The Temples of Beauty. Tonya utilizes countless modalities to assists people in experiencing Beauty's Rise within every aspect of their Life . More on Tonya the Bella Starr.
2:30-3:00pm/11:30-12:00pm PT-
Rochelle Distelheim
Sadie in Love, a Novel
Rochelle Distelheim, an award-winning short story writer and Chicago native released her debut novel, Sadie In Love, at 90 years old. She describes language and writing as her “oxygen,” and has earned numerous short story literary awards and nominations, including one for The Best American Short Stories. She will discuss her novel which brings us back to 1913 and the world of struggling Jewish immigrants in New York City’s, Lower East Side. The book focuses on magic, passion and pure joy. More on Rochelle Distelheim's Sadie in Love.
Monday, August 13th - Variety channel
2:00-2:30pm/11:00-11:30am PT
Dr. Ed Dramberger
Destination Diaries

Dr. Ed Dramberger,   i s a sought after global consultant, trainer, speaker, and author. He is a travel expert who has been to 180 of the world’s 196 countries and lived on six continents. Dr. Ed Dramberger knows firsthand how the power of travel can change your life for the better. He will discuss his new book, Destination Diaries, both a collection of his best travel stories as well as an instructional guide for anyone looking to turn travel into something more.   More on Dr. Ed Dramberger
2:30-3:00pm/11:30-12:00pm PT -
Dr. Decker Weiss
 Sea Veg® Benefits

Dr. Decker Weiss is a holistic cardiologist and scientific expert for Sea Veg, the whole food seaweed supplement. Certain seaweed varieties are some of the most nutritionally dense plants on the planet with 92 minerals of nutrition from the ocean. Seaweeds have an extraordinary capacity to accumulate minerals, becoming increasingly rich in sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, chlorine, iron, sulfur, copper, manganese, cobalt, bromine, iodine, and many naturally occurring vitamins, including A and C. In addition, seaweeds utilize nitrogen from the air to synthesize complete proteins. Dr. Weiss who is considered a world‐wide expert in disease prevention, pharmaceutical and non‐pharmaceutical approaches to cardiovascular disease, and chronic inflammation will further explain the benefits of Sea Veg.
Monday, August 20th - Variety channel
2:00-2:30pm/11:00-11:30pm PT -
Arielle Ford
The Love Codes

Arielle Ford, founder of Art of Love, has been living, teaching, and promoting consciousness for 30 years. Alongside Claire Zammit, Ph.D. Founder of Feminine Power, they have created an free online seminar where they reveal the “The 6 Love Codes” for conscious women to attract a high quality partner and create an extraordinary love. Arielle will discuss how the course includes everything you need to create the space, clarity, vision, power, skills and capacity to have a lasting love. The love codes modules, contain reflection practice, transcripts, group mentoring calls, and lifetime access to recordings and course materials.This seminar is based on the leading Feminine Power and Love Manifesting Approaches that Claire and Arielle have pioneered for decades along with leading edge insights and tools from over 200 of the worlds leading love experts.  More on Arielle.  More about Love Codes.
2:30-3:00pm/11:30-12:00pm PT -
Ann Marie Sabath
Self-Made Millionaires

Ann Marie Sabath, is the founder and president of At Ease Inc., a 31-year old firm specializing in domestic and international business courtesy programs. Since 1987, Sabath and her staff have trained more than 200,000 individuals representing the business, industry and government sectors in how to gain the competitive edge. She will discuss her latest book, What Self-Made Millionaires Do That Most People Don’t and how the book will assist you in recognizing that you are closer to becoming a self-made millionaire than you imagine. Her goal for writing this book is to assist individuals in learning how to become masters of their own personal success. More on Anne Marie Sabath.
Monday, August 27th - Variety channel
2:00-2:30pm/11:00-11:30pm PT -
Margaret A. Hagerman
How Young Americans See Race

Margaret A. Hagerman, sociologist, shares surprising answers from the two years she spent immersed in the lives of white children in upper-middle-class white families in a medium-sized midwestern city. From ongoing observations of 36 white boys and girls, ages 10 to 13, as they went about their everyday lives and numerous conversations with both the children and their parents, Hagerman offers eye-opening insights into how white kids learn about race—and why that matters to the future of America. She will discuss her book, WHITE KIDS: Growing Up with Privilege in a Racially Divided America. More on Margaret A. Hagerman.
2:30-3:00pm/11:30-12:00pm PT -
Ann Travers
A Gender Revolution

Ann Travers, author, offers rare insight into the everyday facts of life for a trans boy, a trans girl, or a gender fluid child in a world of rigid gender divisions and expectations. As a sociologist, Travers devoted over five years to getting to know a diversity of trans kids between the ages of 6 and 17 across the United States and Canada. Based on extensive interviews with not only trans kids but also many supportive, struggling parents, Travers sheds light on how trans kids cope with being mis-gendered, misunderstood, teased, bullied, discriminated against, and disabled at school, in sports, in public spaces, by the healthcare system, and by often well-meaning teachers, coaches, youth counselors, and family members. Ann will discuss her latest book, "The Trans Generation How Trans Kids (and Their Parents) are Creating a Gender Revolution." More about Ann Travers.

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The Love Codes Course with Claire Zammit and Arielle Ford
Attract Your Soulmate: Discover the Breakthrough Approach that Works for Conscious Women

Claire Zammit, Ph.D - Founder of the Feminine Power
Arielle Ford - Bestselling Author of the Soulmate Secret


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