November 2021 Newsletter
November is a month of holiday planning and giving thanks. We connect with family, friends, food, and nature as we watch the weather turn from cool to cold. Pumpkins, squash, cranberries and turkey are traditional foods this month. It is a month of change and celebration to be spend with those we love.
Honored to moderate this panel and be on the advisory council since it’s inception four years ago. This is such an amazing women’s leadership conference! Don’t miss the R.I.S.E. Women’s Leadership Conference is the place to be on Thursday, November 4th 2021 at the Rhode Island Convention Center and online.
Patricia Raskin

Patricia Raskin is a nationally recognized, multi-media talk show and podcast host and coach, award-winning producer and business-owner, speaker, trainer, and author. For almost four decades, Patricia has been a pioneer and trailblazer for positive media messaging and has interviewed over 5000 people in her career.


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Monday, November 1st - Variety Channel

Judith Rabinor
The Girl In The Red Boots

Dr. Judith Rabinor is a clinician, author, writing coach, speaker and workshop leader. She will discuss her new book The Girl In The Red Boots and how it is a poignant representation of mother-daughter relationships and her personal journey to reconcile with her own mother.

Monday, November 8th - Variety Channel

Darcy Eikenberg
Red Cape Rescue: Saving Your Career Without Leaving Your Job

Darcy Eikenberg is an executive coach and speaker who has worked with high performance leaders and teams. She will discuss her new book Red Cape Rescue: Saving Your Career Without Leaving Your Job, written for the professional who has hit a speed bump in their life at work and who needs guidance in how to take back control.

Monday, November 15th - Variety Channel
Charlotte Trass
Ashwagandha Force

Charlottle Trass is a board certified master herbalist and ashwaganda expert for all your natural stress relief and wellness needs. She will discuss New Chapter's newest product Ashwagandha Force and all of its benefits for health and wellness.
For more information on New Chapter

Monday, November 22nd - Variety Channel
Dr. Karen Gedney
30 Years Behind Bars: Trials of a Prison Doctor

Karen Gedney MD is an internal medicine specialist, who in 1987 was the first woman doctor in Nevada placed in a male medium security prison. She will discuss her book 30 Years Behind Bars: Trials of a Prison Doctor and how her experience working in the prison system motivated her work as an activist for holistic prison reform.

Monday, November 29th - Variety Channel
Dr. Mark Andreozzi
Preventing, Diagnosing and Treating Nasal Conditions
Dr. Mark Anderozzi, MD is a board certified Otolaryngologist with nearly 30 years of experience. He is the recipient of Rhode Island Monthly’s Top Doctor award five separate times. He will discuss a variety of ear, nose and throat conditions that are often misdiagnosed and mismanaged and preventative measures to keep your nasal tract healthy.

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Positively Speaking: Patricia's Perspective

Giving Thanks for Our Miracles

November, the month of Thanksgiving, is a great time to focus on gratitude and the miracles in our lives. I’d like to share my own miracle story that is in my book Pathfinding: “I was in the final stages of producing a television documentary on Positive Aging in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. We were going to end the documentary with an older gentleman who was featured in the closing segment. He had brought photographs he thought would be perfect for the ending. When we disagreed about several of his selections, he became difficult. He finally stormed out of the studio, leaving me without a completed documentary and without very much time to find available talent.
I sat in the conference room wondering how on earth I was going to fix the broken ending, when the receptionist entered the conference room
unannounced. She was carrying a package addressed to me. I was flabbergasted. I only worked in the studio once a month. Any mail addressed to me usually laid in my in-box, awaiting my arrival. This particular package arrived and was delivered to me the day I was there.
The package contained a national press release from Houston, Texas announcing a senior sports classics competition. One of the people featured was the 102-year-old golfer named Harley Potter who you met in Chapter Five. He was from – you guessed it – Winston Salem. I’m sitting in a conference room at the Fox TV affiliate in Winston-Salem approximately twenty minutes away from an octogenarian who would be the perfect closing story for my documentary.
I called his 75 year-old daughter and she arranged for me to meet them at the local club where he played golf almost daily. The rest, as they say, is history – or should I say miraculous history. When events like this unfold, I believe there has to be a guiding hand that waves some sort of cosmic wand, which transforms ordinary experiences into extraordinary events.