November 2022 Newsletter
November is here! Did you know November is one of the four months with a length of 30 days on the calendar. As most people are aware, November is known for Thanksgiving and Veterans Day. November is the start of the holiday season, so make sure to prioritize your health and begin to organize your travel plans. Get ready to bundle up as you start to see more family and friends. Enjoy November!
Announcement...New Podcast!!

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Produced by Rhode Island PBS

Live Better Longer and hear from the best of the best!

We're excited to announce the series on Rhode Island PBS -- "Positive Aging with Patricia Raskin."
Patricia interviews nationally-recognized authors, experts, and celebrities who share the latest in research, and facts to support the healthy, active, and happy lifestyles of older adults.

This 13-part series started Tuesday, September 20, with new episodes every Tuesday on, or on all streaming podcast networks.

Positive Aging is funded in part by
Southcoast® Health
Do you want to gain more clients?
Do you want your clients and customers to know, like, and trust you?

CREATE and develop your own podcast or IMPROVE the one you have!

With her experience, skill, and passion, Patricia will help you create, develop, produce, and even co-host a winning podcast that will have your listeners coming back for more! Among the 5,000 people Patricia has interviewed in her career, Patricia knows what will make your podcast work. 

Patricia Raskin Positive Living Show on in its 21st year!
The program that helps you find answers to tough questions, turn obstacles into opportunities and challenges into solutions. 

Monday, November 7 - Variety Channel

Ken D. Foster
The Courage to Change Everything

Ken D Foster is a keynote speaker, best-selling author, business strategist, and news personality, who owns a broadcast & media production company. He is the executive producer and host of the Voices of Courage Show syndicated on TV, Podcast,
plus Radio and broadcast in 185 Countries

Ken’s new book “The Courage to Change Everything” provides proven wealth strategies and success principles to help people stand in their strength, awaken their inner genius, and fast track their success. It includes a foreword by Steven M.R. Covey.

Monday, November 14 - Variety Channel

Rodrigo Nardi
Transforming Psychiatric Mentorship

Dr. Rodrigo Nardi MD: a psychiatrist and psychologist.
His work for over 20 years, covers individual psychotherapy, inpatient/ outpatient psychiatry, substance use treatment, and interventional psychiatry.

His passion for teaching and learning led to the creation of the New England Psychiatry Mentorship Institute and the development of a mentoring program designed to address the most frequent challenges related to psychiatric training. He will talk about some ethical and logical principles of health care and his mentorship program to address challenges related to psychiatric training. 

Monday, November 21 - Variety Channel
Lisa Shorr
Image and Success

Lisa Shorr is the founder of Shorr Success (formerly Shorr Style), an Image Consulting and Branding company specializing in Professional Image and Brand Building and Presentation Coaching. 

Lisa empowers entire teams to focus on the essential soft skills to build strong personal brands that turn clients into raving fans. With her vision to educate and empower, to excel, Lisa will outline her proven B.R.A.N.D. Method with a special emphasis focusing on the importance of image when working remotely.

Monday, November 28 - Variety Channel
Dor Skuler
Intuition Robotics: ElliQ
Dor Skuler, who co-founded five companies, is the CEO and co-founder of Intution Robotics, a company that uses technolgy as a method to enhance and improve people's lives.
From his passion of using technology, he created ElliQ. It is a device that is simple and easy to use. Through voice commands, on-screen instructions, and proactive suggestions. Dor will discuss how ElliQ helps you set and achieve your health and wellness goals, encourages you to be physically and mentally active and how ElliQ is a sidekick for healthier, happier aging.
For more information on Dor Skuler and ElliQ
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Positively Speaking: Patricia's Perspective

      Getting Older…. Better
I want to share wisdom from guests on my Positive Aging podcast produced by Rhode Island PBS and heard on most podcast networks including spotify.
Jeff Weiss- CEO of Age of Majority “75% of all adults 55 and older are a part of the active aging market, ..This is a group of consumers that has never really existed before. People 55 and older are much more involved in the community, much more physically, digitally, mentally and socially active than my parents and the older generations were at our age.” 
Dr. Vijay Vad MD co-author of the updated and revised book BackRX, A Proven Integrative Program for Staying Pain Free.
As we age, our disc, the cushion between the two bones starts losing water content…and so as those discs start losing water content the joints start moving together and the canal gets smaller. There are ways to minimize that. Those include keeping your weight down, vitamin D, and doing proper exercises is very important”. 
Arielle Ford- author of eleven books including the international bestseller, The Soulmate Secret. “What you need in order to make a relationship work in your older years is a connection, compatibility, good communication, which can be learned, and most importantly a shared vision for the future. Wanting some of the same big things, sharing a common interest, and agreeing on certain things.”
Dr. Michael Roizen- MD author of four #1 New York Times best-selling books. Including his new book The Great Age Reboot, Cracking the Longevity Code for a Younger Tomorrow.
“…People are going to be younger than they are now…There are 14 areas of aging mechanism research such as gene editing, stem cells without immunogenicity, and whole other areas that have all shown in two animal species that they can report age, meaning you can get a little younger. Where today 60 is the new 40, we expect (in the future) 90 to be the new 40.”
Dr. Roger Landry-MD author of the award-winning Live Long, Die Short: A Guide to Authentic Health and Successful Aging “The research is clear that genes probably count for about a third of how we age…society has changed but what we require in our physiology hasn't changed as quickly, and .. frequent movement, having a strong social connection, everyone having a role, … are all things that are critically important to healthy aging.”
It is an honor, as an early baby boomer, to bring this information and inspiration to our older adult community.

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