Hello Michael,,

The Republican Party of Florida hosted the Freedom Summit, a convention featuring most of the Republican candidates competing to be the Republican Party of Florida’s standard bearer and Presidential nominee, on Saturday, November 4th. The lineup of Republican candidates, elected officials, and engaged Republican activists was impressive.

The Republican Party has a deep bench of future leadership. President Donald Trump carried the day with endorsements from U.S. Senator Rick Scott, Congressman Matt Gaetz, Congressman Michael Waltz, Congressman Cory Mills, Congressman Byron Donalds, and others. With few exceptions the competing candidates’ speeches parroted the initiatives that President Trump accomplished while he was in office; the same initiatives the current occupant of the White House destroyed. It is crystal clear that Florida is Trump Country.

The world is keenly aware that America is vulnerable under the Biden Administration. The war in Ukraine, the war in Israel, and the assault on America’s warfighting readiness leave every Floridian vulnerable to unprecedented perils.

We must have an Iron Dome-like missile defense system protecting Florida. Replacing America’s current leadership with America First, Florida First candidates is urgent. Election Day cannot come soon enough! Please get out and vote in the Presidential primary election on March 19, 2024, and in Florida’s primary election on August 20, 2024.

The candidates you choose will set the direction for America and the Great State of Florida in these challenging times. I am asking for your support; I am asking for your vote, to keep Florida safe.


Our Constitution is being ignored, but there are millions of Patriots who are taking real action to protect our right to speak freely and our right to keep and bear arms.

Our Justice Department is being weaponized against conservatives. The current regime views MAGA Republicans as the greatest threat to our nation, while our borders are open and criminals are entering at alarming rates. But that doesn't stop the Patriots who love our country from going to the southern border and exposing the Biden administration's open-border policy.

Our Elections are vulnerable to interference by nongovernmental organizations who are granted access to confidential voter information in all of Florida’s counties. Florida’s election law must be amended to protect the sanctity of every Florida citizen’s vote. Our vote is more valuable than money. We must protect the sanctity of our vote, legislatively.

Academia is brainwashing our kids. Parental involvement in our children’s education is more important than ever. The FBI, often weaponized against moms and dads, will not stop dedicated parents from challenging local school boards concerning curriculum. We won’t allow it. The communists told us decades ago that they would take over America without firing a shot. This is what their plan looks like. Our children are exposed to immoral concepts that rob them of their innocence, weaken them emotionally, and fail to prepare them for the peaceful prosperous lives we want for them.

The good news is that America First, Florida First, patriots are all over this injustice. Universal School Choice is great for kids and great for families. Parents must be involved in the selection of their children’s curriculum. The Public Schools and Universities must deliver our kids home to us still consistent with our values or we will make other arrangements. The mindset of our children is not to be indoctrinated by academia!

All of us share one common characteristic — We love our country and we will do EVERYTHING it takes to fight back and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

That's why I'm running for State Representative, and that's why I am asking for your support. Please consider making a generous grassroots donation to my Florida-First campaign by selecting an option below. Your donation will go directly towards the future of our country and the free state of Florida.

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The Republican Party of Florida’s Freedom Summit cemented one truth in my mind. Make America Great Again must be our common mantra. We love our country and we love Florida. We must protect our constitutional freedoms. American patriots, you and I, will save this country one precinct at a time. The communists have their teeth deeply embedded in our flesh.

It is late in the game, that’s for sure. We can and will extract the communists’ venomous fangs from our country. We will proactively protect ourselves from the dysfunction of liberalism manifesting itself as Marxism, also known as communism. We are in this together. Please join me in the fight to save our nation!


Mike Levine

Candidate for State Representative

Florida House District 26