UCP Defends Those That Defend Us!
UCP continues to defend those that sacrifice and serve our country included all first responders and soldiers. We will not back down. We will never give up.

Our motivation is love for our country which will prevail over the fear based woke mob that has moved from keying our cars, to keying our country.

Truth can be questioned and UCP welcomes the dialog and debate on any position we support. Fear does not like to be questioned and attempts to bully those with an opposing view to silence them.

This strategy will ultimately fail as more American's see that the diversity and inclusion crowd is only welcome to those who follow their agenda, and wear a mask. No. We are fed up with your fake outrage, and your faux emergencies to force your agenda that lack any basis of data, aka science.

No, when we cut down trees to enable troop training at Joint Base so our kids have a better chance of coming home alive, the seas will not rise as claimed by the Sierra Club.

No, the Cape community is not systematically racist. In fact it's hard to believe my town is the hub of racism as described by town hall with our total black population of 1.6%. We are one community. Stop trying to divide us.

No, you will not ban kids from their school for not wearing masks because there is no data they are at risk. In fact the data shows they are at the least risk in our population. Follow the science, mask the obese, and if you have to ban something, ban the Wendy's triple.

Always ask yourself, what problem are they trying to solve? If they cannot articulate the problem with data, but instead default to feelings, you are dealing with a loony liberal that is hoping they can bully you into not asking questions.

They must be stopped in each community across our country. There is nobody coming to help us. Not Washington. Not Beacon Hill. Not the corrupt media. We the people got this.

Have you seen enough yet to get involved is my question to you? UCP will literally hand you a sign and talking points so you can start making a positive contribution to the future of our country. it's free, easy, and even feels good.

Please respond back to this email and I will connect you with your regional leader.

Thanks for all you do!

UCP & Sandwich RTC Team Up to Support Our Troops!
Thank you to the patriots that defended troop training at the Sandwich Selectman's meeting Thursday night!

Great standout response from passing motorists for an hour prior at the town hall, and amazing speakers that stayed late into the night to make your conservative voice heard!

The militant environmentalists that demanded that the Joint Base National Guard Commander stop troop training to instead focus on fighting climate change were not well received.

As one selectman responded, "I grew up in this town, had F16's flying over our house training constantly, and I'm still here." Boom!

The next meeting is in Falmouth next Thursday. Come join us to defend our troops. Details below under Upcoming Events.
This is a local Karen. Lacking facts and data to support her case that troop training will destroy the planet, she arrives with pictures of whales and birds. This is the "feelings" approach, and fairly effective to the low information sheep population reading the Cape Cod Times and listening to NPR.

Note to all Karens: it's because of my sons and many other Cape Codders that are serving our country today that she has her rights defended to stand on the curb with whale pictures, and confuse passing motorists.
Cape School Meetings on Masking Next Week
If you want to get involved please contact your regional leader, or respond back to this email. UCP will provide you with signs, talking points, and a network of like minded people in your community. We are teamed up with the local MAFA Chapter supporting you here.

UCP is not advocating for a ban on masks at school. We are asking for parental choice for their kids.

We are strongly against banning kids from their school based on their parents choice to not mask their child.

What is the metric for masking the least vulnerable to this virus? Zero cases? If so, kids will remain masked forever.

The UK doesn't mask their kids because 1. there is no evidence masking children in a school setting has any impact on health outcomes, and 2. children must see facial expressions to develop communication skills.

Again, this falls under a "solution looking for a problem" category of faux emergencies with no basis of data, aka science.
            427 Main Street. ROOM #100 (around back)

24 AUGUST  BARNSTABLE             7PM

            For Updates: www.sandwichmass.org 

25 AUGUST BOURNE                  6:30PM  
Sadly, I just received an email from the Bourne Superintendent at 4:30 today stating they are implementing a mask mandate based off the memo from the commissioner. I can send you that email as well. 

Thank You for the many responses and support regarding the Bourne Public School Mask Mandate. I have an update! The meeting is Scheduled for August 25th at 6:30 it is going to be a zoom call. Public Input is third on the agenda.

 *IMPORTANT if anyone wants to speak at the meeting

 ● Speakers will be asked to introduce themselves (first and last name) to the Chair and state their residence. 
 ● Requests for public comment can be emailed in advance to the Chair (eberry@bourneps.org )or indicated via moderated Zoom Chat board 
 ● When called by the Chair, the speaker is invited to address the School Committee for up to three (3) minutes to present their material. 

Join Zoom Meeting 
Meeting ID: 881 6027 1238 
Passcode: 537371

This is listed as 5th on the agenda and in my opinion seems lightly biased. Action Items: (7:35PM) a. Vote to approve Policy EBCFA on masking.


Need a Few Good Shooters on 9/11 to Support Our UCP Team Entry!
You do not have to be a veteran to join Team UCP at Cape Gun Works on 9/11. First come, first serve. We need a few more shooters. UCP is sponsoring the team, with proceeds going to local veteran organizations. There will also be food, a band, and the famous MAGA Gun Truck on hand so come to Gun Works and join us!
UCP Hurricane Henri Updates
Local Loony Liberal Labels UCP "The Taliban" ... as the real Taliban savages her native country.
Upcoming Event Next Week
Veterans Wanted for Food Services Job Training & Employment Program!
Gimmy’s Tavern is seeking staff for all aspects of the hospitality services at Hyannis Golf Course in Hyannis. Gimmy’s is a new operation offering quality public dining and catering experiences in a beautiful setting with the added opportunity of maximizing this municipal property for public community use. 

Gimmy’s offers a supported work program for veterans through the Massachusetts Military Support Foundation and is committed to reducing food waste and assisting individuals struggling with food/nutritional security throughout the community. 

The staff welcomes veterans and their families and active duty military family members to join this special team. In addition to excellent tavern-like dining (inside and outside) and an elegant venue for a wide variety of events the kitchens will assist with the MMSFI program, Meals4OurMission, creating nutritious prepared meals for distribution to those in need in our community. MMSFI is very excited about this synergistic pairing of a 1st rate recreational and hospitality site with the mission of Food4Vets. If you or someone you know is looking for an opportunity in the hospitality industry that is “outside the box”, Gimmy’s Tavern is hiring all positions. Please pass the word. 
Melanie Powers
Director, Government Grants
Massachusetts Military Support Foundation, Inc.