Grassroots Activists Come Out In Force Monday!
Thank you to all that participated in Monday's Congressional District #9 volunteer kickoff for (3) important 2022 Ballot Initiatives!

This is our opportunity for "We The People" to implement real lasting change in the Commonwealth on the issues you care most about:

MA Voter ID
MA Infant Healthcare
Ban CRT In MA Schools

Next steps include identifying town captains. Please contact me if you are interested coordinating signature collection in your community.

Adam Lange
Mass GOP Chairman Jim Lyons kicks off the event to a standing room only army of grassroots activists.
Plymouth / Barnstable Republican State Committeeman Jay McMahon thanks volunteers for coming out in his district.
Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Geoff Diehl shares his experience with grassroots successes shaping legislation.
Republican Lt. Governor Candidate Rayla Campbell explains why these initiatives are important to her.
Tatyana Semyrog is leading the Voter ID ballot initiative effort state wide.
I found my good friend Diane from MAFA at the bar hydrating. Nice shirt.
Bernadette Lyons is leading the Infant Healthcare ballot initiative statewide.
Summer Schmaling is leading the CRT ballot initiative statewide.
Cape Codders Love Their Troops & The Planned Joint Base Cape Cod Machine Gun Range!
Semper Fi. Always loyal.

UCP will never turn our backs on the men and women who sacrifice and serve our country.

If you are not serving in the military, please consider supporting those that do. Join us!

Cape Veteran Job Opportunities!
UCP partner MA Military Support Foundation is now operating Gimmy's Pub at the Hyannis Golf Course with the objective of training and integrating veterans back into the civilian workforce.

Opportunities include: Assistant Manager, Bartender, Chef, Station Cook, Prep Cook, Server, Bus Person, & Dishwasher.

UCP members should reach out to veterans looking for employment, and have them email Donna Baldwin at

Medical Freedom Update!
The recent hysteria over reinstating medical mandates is being pushed unsuccessfully by the Biden Administration with zero data, no transparency, and is bound to fail. We don't know what their rationale is because they will not tell us. We will not comply.

We do know the delta variant lasts weeks, not months in the countries we have data on. No union driven mask mandates in school this fall required.

We do know the U.S. Covid death rate has not spiked and remains at ~ 300 / day, down from a peak of 4000 / day. No panic required.

We now know that the recent Ptown spike of 882 cases were 85% male, and resulted in 7 people hospitalized with no deaths. This means less than 1 of 100 infected with Covid required hospitalization. The sky is not falling. No nation-wide CDC mandates required.

We should never be mandating anything based on case rate when included are many people who are not sick. We should not be reacting to the case metric. Deaths yes; cases no.
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