Patton Campus:
Google Classroom + Student Schedules
Dear Parents and Guardians, 

This message is to clarify where to find and how to use students' schedules for the Patton campus. All schedules are posted in your child's Google Classroom. 

Here are the steps to follow:
1) Login with your child's lfno email address
2) Go to Google Classroom
3) Click on the classwork tab (on top of the screen)
4) Go to the "schedule" topic (i.e. folder) on the left of the screen. In this folder, you will find ALL the daily schedules for the week.
5) For more convenience, teachers are ALSO posting the schedule in the "daily" topic on the left of the screen. For instance, the schedule for Thursday, August 28th is posted in the topic (i.e. folder on the left) "Jeudi 28 août - Thursday, August 28."

Please review the following document or watch the following video for an explanation finding and navigating the schedule.

Additionally, in order to navigate your child's schedule, you need to know what group they belong to (typically it's an animal). This information was communicated by a teacher or an administrator last Thursday. In Mme Salma and Mme Benedicte's classes this information will be communicated tomorrow.  Groups will remain the same next week (until 9/4). However, as we continue with small group work throughout the trimester, teachers might have to slightly modify their grouping to better target students' instructional needs. Any modification in the grouping (i.e. animal assigned to a specific student) will be communicated to you in a timely manner. We thank you in advance for your understanding and flexibility as these potential changes aim to improve the overall quality of instruction in both French and English. 

The Academic Team
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