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UPDATE 20 April, 2022

In this update:

  • New Podcast Episode - Paul Ehrlich Close and Personal
  • Highly Recommended Webinar this Friday
Paul Ehrlich, Unfiltered (Special Earth Day Episode)
Podcast: the real Ehrlich

This episode features some current news in the first 6 minutes, plus fresh content at the end. But the middle is still the best part – a reprise of the candid conversation we had with Paul Ehrlich on the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, in April of 2020.

We discuss the COVID pandemic, overpopulation, The Population Bomb (including an amusing mistake on the cover), dinner with Johnny Carson, the deficits of our university system, the climate crisis, and the prospects for human civilization.

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Ecological Economics and Limits to Growth

The University of Vermont’s Gund Institute for Environment is hosting a not-to-miss webinar on Earth Day (and it’s free):

The Limits to Growth, 50 Years Later  22 April, 2:30 pm EDT
Leading ecological economists revisit Donella Meadows' seminal work
Featuring Josh Farley (UVMP), Marta Ceroni (Co-director of Academy for Systems Change), Nate Hagens (Director of and Charles Hall (Co-director of Biophysical Economics Institute)

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