Paul Fuscoe's 1977 BMW R100 Restoration

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Customer Spotlight: Paul Fuscoe's 1977 BMW R100 Restoration

Back in January, Paul contacted us and was in need of some custom pinstripes for his motorcycle restoration project. Originally, his R100RS had some single stripes and some double stripes in various locations on the bodywork and fenders, and rimstripes in a non-traditional location. Paul emailed us with specific widths and spacings and we emailed him a proof of what we could do. He was also trying to match the original blue color and we mailed him color swatches so he could choose the best match. That turned out to be 040 Medium Blue. So, with the purchase of custom pinstripes (installed by hand), a set of Rimstripes, and the Stripe-It-All Installation Tool, Paul was ready to add the finishing touches.

Paul sent a bunch of pics of the bike all together. Notice that the Rimstripes are installed on the inner face of the wheel. To get the tool to work and clear the spokes, he had to re-engineer the tool and ended up with an assembly that we had never tried. That's the beauty of the Stripe-It-All Tool: it gives everyone the ability to assemble it to work for their situation.

- - - Let's hear from Paul about his bike: - - -

The bike is a 1977 BMW R100RS 1000cc. I owned the sister bike of this model, the R100S, back in 77 but always loved the RS model.

This bike was the first EVER production bike with a factory frame mounted wind tunnel designed faring.  The wind tunnel design insured stability even in a crosswind. I purchased this bike about 5 years ago. Even though it ran and I rode it, I always had plans to eventually return it to its former glory. After completing all the mechanical work it was time to move on the body. I knew the bike have previously been repainted but colors did not match and the pin stripping was never redone.

The original gas tank was badly damaged but was the original color. I was able to find a tank from another model with minor dings, dents and scratches to use on the restoration. After a lot of research I was able to find details on color, pin striping, etc. The original color was know as ocean blue or silver blue. I was unable to find the actual BMW color. So using the original tank and working a  paint dealer they were able to do a computer color match that match almost perfectly. It took two tries and two different dealers before I got the right color. It was a DuPont paint dealer and was a little pricey ($165/qt), but worth it.

Since I'm new to body and paint work, I knew I did not have the skills to paint the pin striping on. Working with Rob at Tapeworks Graphics they were able to match the color, length, and various widths needed. Installing the striping was a lot of eyeballing but came out pretty good. I base coated the parts, then laid on the pin striping, then buried the stripping with 3 coats of clear coat. Finished it off by color sanding and buffing the entire bike.

Finally the wheels on the original bike were aluminum spoked wheels with a blue pin stripe around the interior face. A popular upgrade for these bikes back in 1977 was the installation of Lester Mag Wheels. Although they are no longer made I was able to find a good used set and after a lot of polish and elbow grease I was able to restore them to like new conditions. The Lesters not only look good but allow the use of tubeless tires (much safer).

Wanting to keep the theme of the original wheels with the blue pin stripe, I contacted Rob about his wheel pin striping tool to see if it would work for my application. We decided it would, so I ordered it with the pin stripes to match the rest of the bike. I needed to slightly reconfigure the tool to avoid the mag spokes interfering with the tool but it worked perfectly.

I was really impressed how precise it was maintaining the spacing and how conveniently it stripped the backing paper from the stripe during the application process. The body & paint portion of the process took me about 3-4 months, completed over the winter. Tapeworks Graphics was great to work with and they will definitely be part of my next project.


Thank you, Paul. She is a beauty!

And now, let's take a look at how Paul modified his Stripe-It-All Tool:

Just like a Lego set, the Stripe-It-All Tool can be reassembled in any way you want, in order to fit the job at hand. Paul wanted to put the stripe on the inside of his wheel, but not right up against an edge. So he completely disassembled the tool, installed the spool assembly backwards to clear the spokes, then added the four-finger bumper and the thumbscrew so he could adjust the spacing of the stripes.

In order to get the spacing just right, Paul would have had to tighten the spool assembly last, since the four-finger bumper won't rotate with the spool assembly's tongue in such close proximity. So the spacing would be set by spinning the bolt, then tightening the thumb screw and four-finger bumper, then tightening the spool assembly.

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