Dear Brothers and Sisters,
The NATCA Charitable Foundation (NCF) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation that works to make a difference in the lives of many . NCF has no paid employees and continues to be a 100% volunteer organization of all ages and professions. This keeps costs down and helps ensure donations make a difference to those most in need. NCF's philanthropic efforts stretch across the country. NCF seeks out areas of need that go un-funded or are missed through other donor drives. It seeks out smaller charities that help the underserved in the communities where NATCA members live and work. Across the country, through NCF, NATCA members and their family and friends give and volunteer to make a big impact and help bring smiles to those in need.
Over the past 25 years, NCF has contributed over $1.8 million to more than 100 charities across the country, according to NCF President and Portland ATCT (PDX) Vice President Corrie Conrad, and it is expected to surpass $2 million in contributions by the end of this year.
Given the great accomplishments that NCF has achieved, it’s almost hard to believe that NCF was only incorporated in Texas for the first seven years of its existence, and slowly, but steadily, became incorporated all across the U.S. Darrell Meachum -- now a retired air traffic controller from Fort Worth Center -- and his wife Cathy -- a dental hygienist -- formed the foundation in 1994 . They wanted the foundation to grow in measured steps.

The absence of paid staff members enables NCF to donate nearly all of the money it raises. “Our volunteers are the backbone of NCF operations and programs, ensuring donations make a difference to those that need it most,” said Conrad. “It is definitely a labor of love and very rewarding.” Click here to read more about the history of NCF.
NCF volunteers at Communicating For Safety 2018.
We are thankful to the members of our great Union for your support and the commitment you give back to those in need. At the 2018 Biennial Convention in Philadelphia, we challenged NATCA members to grow NCF into a million-dollar charity. In the 16 months since, NCF continues working toward that goal. If you are not currently giving, we hope you will consider reaching out to NCF to give!

Conrad states that she is working to get more members to donate to NCF through payroll deductions, which is tax deductible. She also is working to connect with members in states that have not had any NCF donations. “I really want to show people around the United States how giving NATCA members are,” she said.

In addition to making direct donations, NCF organizes volunteer support of walk/runs, holiday drives, backpack programs, food bank programs, and family assistance programs. We hope you will consider volunteering your time with such organizations through NCF.

"NCF is truly an exceptional organization, and a big shining star of unionized air traffic controllers across the country," added former NCF President and Sarasota Bradenton ATCT (SRQ) member Elena Nash.
If you want to request help for your local charity, a charity walk/run, or more, please click here .

If you would like to donate to NCF with your paycheck, click here .

For more information about the NATCA Charitable Foundation, visit the NCF page and help make a difference.
In proud solidarity,

Paul and Trish