NATCA National Executive Board Elections Come to an End

Brothers and Sisters,

We want to express our profound gratitude to the NATCA membership for participating in the election process. 

Our new NATCA National Executive Board (NEB), with seven new members, is comprised of an amazing group of NATCA leaders anxious to get to work on your behalf. Through unity, enthusiasm, and a commitment to the values that we share, together we will make NATCA stronger.

In NATCA's 31-year history, we have accomplished a great deal with our collective spirit. Just as we have for the last nine years, we stand ready to face the challenges ahead. With our talented, enthusiastic members and a NATCA staff who are second to none, we are uniquely positioned for success. Working together with the NEB, we will continue to endeavor to improve your lives and work environments, and to give you reasons to be proud of this great union.

Regardless of whom you supported in the election, it is now time for us to rally as one union, with one voice, united with the NEB-elect to ensure we keep moving forward.

We are honored and humbled to serve this membership for the next three years and we thank you for this opportunity.

Last but certainly not least, to the outgoing board members - their sacrifice and contribution cannot be measured, and we thank them for their service to NATCA and its membership.

In Solidarity,

Paul Rinaldi, NATCA President
Trish Gilbert, NATCA Executive Vice President

Click for here for interim results pending certification. 

Rinaldi and Gilbert occupy two of the 12 positions on the NATCA National Executive Board (NEB). There will be seven new members of the NEB when the term begins Sept. 1: Curt Howe (Region X, representing most of NATCA's non-controller aviation safety professional bargaining units), Aaron Merrick (Central Region), Rich Santa (Eastern Region), Drew MacQueen (Great Lakes Region), Mick Devine (New England Region) Eddie DeLisle (Northwest Mountain Region), and Joel Ortiz (Western Pacific Region). Devine, Howe, and Ortiz won their respective regional elections, while Merrick, Santa, MacQueen, and DeLisle ran unopposed.

Incumbents who were unopposed during this election and are returning to the NEB are Clint Lancaster (Alaskan Region), Jim Marinitti (Southern Region), and Andrew LeBovidge (Southwest Region). All three will be serving their second terms.
Remembering the Sacrifice of 
Our PATCO Brothers and Sisters

On August 3, 1981 - 37 years ago - our union brothers and sisters took a brave and honorable stand for our profession and the safety of the National Airspace System (NAS). After 95 percent of its members rejected a contract the  Federal Aviation Administration had offered five days earlier, the Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization (PATCO) decided to strike for safer working conditions, more reliable equipment, adeq uate staffing levels, and fair work and pay rules. 

Two days later, President Reagan fired all striking controllers in a move that not only decreased U.S. controller staffing by 74 percent from 16,375 to about 4,200, but devastatingly undermined the bargaining power of American workers and their labor unions.

We remember and honor our PATCO brothers and sisters for their great solidarity and commitment. We continue their legacy of standing up for our profession, the NAS, and workers' rights. We must work every day to ensure NATCA members are always protected.
Red for FEDS Rally!

On July 5, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) issued guidance regarding the three Executive Orders (EO) that were issued on May 25, 2018, which negatively affect federal employees and their unions. After the EOs were issued, NATCA sent out a news alert on May 26 to notify members about the EOs and that OPM would be issuing guidance advising agency heads how to implement them. In that initial message, we communicated that there should be no changes to any of NATCA's agreements with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as a result of the EOs.
The July 5 OPM guidance confirms our statement in the May 26 news alert that "there should be no changes to any of NATCA's agreements with the FAA - local or national - nor any changes in how they are implemented. The same is true for all current practices and procedures between the parties." Specifically, in its memos regarding EOs 13837 and 13839, regarding official time and removal of federal employees respectively, OPM wrote:
The EO directs agencies, at the earliest moment the law permits, to renegotiate any collective bargaining agreement (CBA) provision that is inconsistent with the EO or with any final Office of Personnel Management (OPM) regulations promulgated pursuant to the EO subject to applicable law. EOs possess the force of government-wide rules. Therefore, provisions of the EO are effective on the date the CBA expires or rolls over, whether or not the CBA is reopened for negotiations. (Emphasis added.)
NATCA's April 2011 Multi-Unit CBA (Light Blue Book) and June 2013 Consolidated CBA (Purple Book) remain in effect until July 1, 2021. NATCA's July 2016 Slate Book CBA remains in effect until July 23, 2022. Under the terms of each CBA, neither party may provide notice to amend the CBA until not more than 180 days prior to its expiration date. Therefore, the EOs shall effect no change on NATCA's negotiated agreements, both term CBAs and mid-term agreements, as well as established past practices, whether national, regional, or local. We are confident that FAA and DOT will honor our CBAs in compliance with the law, our CBAs, and the OPM guidance.
If you become aware of any attempt by the agency to implement any part of the EOs, or make any other changes, please immediately contact your FacRep and Regional Vice President. We will continue to monitor any further implementation of these EOs and will continue to advocate to protect the National Airspace System and the men and women who safeguard it.

On Wednesday, July 25, NATCA members and National Office staff stood in solidarity with federal employee unions as the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) held a #RedForFeds rally just before oral arguments begin in their federal court case challenging the President's recent Executive Orders (EOs) that negatively affect federal employees and their unions.

Surface operations are critically important to our safety record, where proactive leadership, swift actions, and teamwork come together to save lives. We want to hear about these successes.

Together, NATCA and the FAA are addressing top trends for surface safety events, including wrong surface landings, runway flyovers, clearing landings/takeoffs on occupied runways, and readback/hearback issues.
Surface Watch is a recognition program jointly sponsored by NATCA and the FAA. It acknowledges individuals and teams of controllers and supervisors for their exemplary saves and initiatives that focus on the surface environment.

Your NATCA Benefits Committee is Proud to Announce Six New Benefit Partnerships

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For more information on each of these new benefits, please visit the NATCA members only benefits websection.
NATCA Retirement Seminars 

NATCA has arranged retirement seminars for its members by 4 Square Financial Literacy Partners, Inc.  Each location will host one Advanced Career seminar for members with more than 15 years of service and one Career Optimization and Retirement Education (C.O.R.E.) seminar for members in the first 15 years of their career. These are the seminars that currently are scheduled in the next two months:

Tuesday, Aug. 14, 3 p.m.
Houston Advanced Career Retirement Seminar
Where: Hilton Garden Inn Houston/Bush Intercontinental Airport, 15400 John F Kennedy Blvd, Houston, Texas

Wednesday, Aug. 15, 9 a.m.
Houston CORE Seminar for Early Career Members
Where: Hilton Garden Inn Houston/Bush Intercontinental Airport, 15400 John F Kennedy Blvd, Houston, Texas

Wednesday, Aug. 15, 3 p.m. 
St. Louis Advanced Career Retirement Seminar
Where: Renaissance St. Louis Airport Hotel, 9801 Natural Bridge Rd, St. Louis, Missouri

Thursday, Aug. 16, 9 a.m.
St. Louis CORE Seminar for Early Career Members
Where: Renaissance St. Louis Airport Hotel, 9801 Natural Bridge Rd, St. Louis, Missouri

Thursday, Aug. 16, 3 p.m. 
DFW Advanced Career Retirement Seminar
Where: Comfort Suites DFW N/Grapevine, 1805 Enchanted Way, Grapevine, Texas

Friday, Aug. 17, 9 a.m. 
DFW CORE Seminar for Early Career Members
Where: Comfort Suites DFW N/Grapevine, 1805 Enchanted Way, Grapevine, Texas

Tuesday, Sept. 11, 3 p.m.
Jacksonville Advanced Career Retirement Seminar
Where: Crowne Plaza Jacksonville Airport/I-95N, 14670 Duval Rd, Jacksonville, Florida

Wednesday, Sept. 12, 9 a.m.
Jacksonville CORE Seminar for Early Career Members
Where: Crowne Plaza Jacksonville Airport/I-95N, 14670 Duval Rd, Jacksonville, Florida

2018 NATCA Academy Schedule

Representative Training 1 (RT1) Sept. 24-28 Las Vegas
Representative Training 1 (RT1) Dec. 3-7 Las Vegas
Oct. 15-17
Warrenton, Va.
Training Review Board (TRB) Sept. 11-13 Las Vegas
Legislative Activism (LAT) Sept. 11-12 Las Vegas
Adv. Legislative Activism (ALAT) Nov. 27-29 National HQ, D.C.
Secretary/Treasurer (STT) Sept. 11-12 Las Vegas
Secretary/Treasurer (STT) Dec. 4-5 Las Vegas

NATCA Academy Legislative Class Change
An Advanced Legislative Activism Training (ALAT) class has been added to the NATCA Academy Legislative Class schedule in 2018. The Basic Legislative Activism Training (LAT) class originally scheduled for Nov. 28-29, 2018 in Las Vegas, has been replaced with an ALAT class on Nov. 27-29, 2018 in Washington, D.C. at the NATCA National Office.  

ALAT is an involved, 2 1/2-day course with guest speakers from the Office of Special Counsel, NATCA's Government Affairs Staff, and Special Counsel to NATCA's President. 

NATCA Academy Courses are available for sign up on the  NATCA Membership Portal (except for LEAP, which is by invitation only).
Once you have logged in, select "NATCA Academy" from the quick links. Then, select "2018 courses." If you need any help with registration, contact the Coordinator for your region. Registrants will be notified within 35 days from the course start date of their status for the course. 
If you have any questions, please contact NATCA's Training Coordinator, Carolyn Kamara, at
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