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Paul Murray Gallery TN Open 7 days a week 
days 10:30-6:30, 
Sun. 12;30-4pm
THRU Nov 12/2017  then closed 'til Feb 

Originals  & Museum Giclee
see below see below
$145 - 70% OFF

Always Accepting orders and inquires at 
865-436-8445  TN/ 800-567-3220 CDA
New Artist Kit Gentry with high quality Renaissance Style art in Oil and pastels  >>>>>>click here to see more

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CROSSINGP _Work in Progress Edition_ 25

Murray's sharing 
incomplete art  only 60% done  .........

Take "The Crossing" home as is now! SAVE $300, Reg. $445...
 buy now a few left only 25 published   
MUSEUM Paper Giclee'...... $145
Conservation Acid Free Framing Designed by Paul.......$180
  Total framed $325

We close Nov 12th until spring
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Framed as a twin set These two girl sketches "Work in Progress Exclusive Edition of 25"  Original Crossing below
Frames at a steal Reg. $285 now $180  Designed by Paul. Total framed $325
set of two framed prints

Call now for a free $50 gift or $25 savings
when you buy both framed
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SHETLANDP 13.6_ x 16_

Murray's sharing
incomplete art  only 60% done  .........

Take "LIl Shetland" home as is now! SAVE $300, Reg. $445...
 buy now a few left only 25 published   
MUSEUM Paper Giclee'...... $145

Conservation Acid Free Framing Designed by Paul.......$180
  Total framed $325

We close Nov 12th until spring
call 865-436-8445 or email here to email  

Paul's done it Now....He's teased us enough!
Exclusive Editions....of 25 for 55-70% OFF
Never Done Before  only printing 25 and of 
"Work in Progress" undone art???

These sketches are just over half done. THis current version you see here will disappear when Paul Murray takes these back into his studio and completes the last 40%.  I know Paul's work always has this open (negative space) but these are truly incomplete. Beautiful as they are, but when Paul does the finished work on them this image will never exist again.
NEver been done before....Enjoy an exclusive
"Work in Progress Museum Giclee' "

Framed Reg. $285   NOW $325

Framed by Paul Murray in 100% acid free and museum quality frames. Soft off white and a subtle grey, with a stylish grey frame with soft hewn marks on the edges. The inner lip of the frame a dull pewter/silver     

Take these two only 25 exist matching sizes, valued $1460 Now $625 
Shipped to your door before Christmas
"HOMEWARD Wilma & RED" Work in PRogress edition
                           Framed Reg $425.................  Now $245

only 35 printed!!!! ONLY A FEW LEFT!
Ask for Wilma's personal signature on yours $10

call 865-436-8445 or  email here to email  

ONLY 40 % done and we fell in love with it already. Paul's unfinished pictures are pretty neat!. The pencil marks, drips of paint and the mistakes.... Watching the magic of creation and the technique used to create these masterpieces. Since Paul can take up to two years to finish pieces.....You don't have to wait. NOW you can Get your"Exclusive Museum Work in Progress Edition" of 35 subjects, the months of sketches and trials. 
When Paul finished the last 60 % of the layered painting, you wont know it. Take this version home now.

ONly 35 people can have one! Exclusive few can own these pictures below at a portion of the value. Own an unfinished Paul Murray...what! Yes own something that will never exist again.

 SALE ENDS Nov 10   ....55 to 70% OFF 
Exclusive museum prints 
and Conservation Framing

16.5_ x 21_
"Homeward" Oil work in progress Edition REG $550   
                           ONly 35 exist...................NOW $245
Unique version will disappear when Paul complete it!
Ask for Wilma's personal signature on yours $10

    A wonderful time to treat yourself to a piece that will stir your senses everyday!
SALE ENDS Nov 12th 2017 
EMAIL KJ at i or click on it  
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call 865-436-8445  or 1-800-567-3220

Just a few of the many charities we have helped

See why his art is collected by avid collectors  around the world. A 40 yr career that will last forever!

How did a boy of 10 stay dedicated to preserving Country and Mountain folk and find a way to help raise over 1 million dollars for charities? You help us pass forward these GOOD THINGS, so we give you a chance to win $10,000 of artwork in 15 draws every newsletter over 2 years......when you help support Paul Murray by purchasing his art.

Paul Murray Gallery 1003 Glades Rd. Gatlinburg, TN  800-567-3220/ 

N ew revealing stories from Paul Murray  
A very Bear-ry Silly Short Story
Bear-ry Bear Original for sale
One morning I was looking out the kitchen window and saw all the b ear-ries on the ground. I said "What kind of varmet would do such a thing" KatiJane my wife new what happened, so I guess she was the bear-er of the bear=y bad news. I couldn't bear what she had to say. So, right out to the barn I went looking for some rope. I couldn't find any, so I used some
wire and with my bear hands I got the bear wire and tied up that weight bear-ing black Bear-y bush. Then all of a sudden, our little 3 year old comes a runnin' out of the back door,  bear-foot and bear bottomed. She's so fast we could bear-ly catch her. Then this old truck pulled into our driveway with a bear cage on the back, and a man and lady got out of the vehicle and said, "would you happen to be Paul Murray the artist? I said "Yup" and they said "we would like you to paint us bear naked" I said, "That's not gonna happen," then I turned 3 shades of red. They just started to laugh at me and said, " You look like a shy little Teddy Bear, "  I said "Now look here I'm gonna give you the bear facts>>>>READ MORE CLICK HERE

call 865-436-8445 or email here to email     CLick on BLue type to go to large picture or links to more
view these pictures in large and read their personal stories.
October Thru to Nov 10, 2017 
Paul Murray Original & Homecoming Show

Exclusive print releases - exclusive patron savings, see what Paul is working on. Talk to Paul about his work, have him sign your print or frame.  Special stories and intimate knowledge of Murray's Appalachian Mountain research trips, stories and jokes.  Special Exclusive 
only for our newsletter clients.
Come have an intimate and memorability t
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Hadea Mae colored pencil & crayon 

ORIGINALS - of Rare Real Subjects
- Intimate renderings of paintings to come

Save $100 up on Originals 
and/or design your own frame with Paul

Everyone can own an original
Interest free layaway, 
made to suit your budget. 
Just ask Kati Jane

"THe Last Moonshiner" 

One of the last ol' moonshiners born in the great Smoky Mountains. His tales of moonshining and bootlegging were wonderful to here, but what moved me most was, as a youngster, he went up in a near by holler and started making white lightening, to help support his siblings, to help his Mom and ailing Dad. Moonshining is apart of Southern Appalachian history and Bruce Whaley is deeply rooted in it. It is these folks, that I am most fascinated with. I like to get to the core, I believe in time he will let me in.

Joey & Dan's Woodstove
Original  PENCIL  $655
Pencil Usually thru the winter months I'd spend many days sitting  next to the old wood stove as the old boys mended harnesses, socks, overalls, and planning for the spring crops and preparing for the spring planting. To me this woodstove was so much apart of their life. They had no other source of heat, they cooked of it, boiled water. In early spring many times I would see a cardboard box with the young chicks huddled in it. Sometimes an ailing goat or animal, would be penned next to the stove. Although they died some years ago, the memories of them sitting next to that wood stove the smell of the wood will forever be etched in my mind. Simplicity, I believe is the key to happiness. In today's world I believe this is something most of us has lost. -PAUL MURRAY-

Cow called "Lilly Can"    $635
Original Pencil includes custom frame
T he wonderful thing about rural country living is the joy of being around farm folks and their livestock.  My Amish friends and neighbors up in Canada have always been an inspiration for me and my work. I love the early mornings, up before dawn, over to the Amish barn to buy some eggs or milk and maybe help out in some chores. I have milked, and fed livestock, cleaned and mucked out stalls, most of my life. Wiether on my farm or theirs. I have always enjoyed that lifestyle. Maybe a bit more on their farm 'cause always I am asked in for breakfast after the morning after the morning chores.  They feed me very well.  The cow's name is Lilly Can" when she was young, she was a milk can kicker

call 865-436-8445 or  email here to email   .

"Born in the Smokies" $895 SOL
call 865-436-8445 or  email here to email   

window or WINDOWOR
"Lil Shetland Study"   $550 

This chicken scratch sketch was the beginning of a series of drawings I do before I tackle a much more rendered one concerning the same subject matter.  These are my sketches, beginnings .my foundation drawings, without them I find it very hard to complete the finished piece of artwork. My collectors like purchasing these studies, because it shows them my raw but simple method that I use as an artist. Some of these drawings I hold high and dear to me. Without them I am like a lantern without kerosene. -PAUL MURRAY-    

Design your Original frame with Paul Murray Museum quality and Class will last forever.
call 865-436-8445 or email here to email  

$10,000 GIVEAWAY  Claim by Nov 30

 2 years  to win - Everytime you take home a Paul Murray art piece, even  note cards qualify. 
I will let you know when to throw them away.
Keep your tickets - make a photo of your tickets - email them to yourself

Call and claim your winnings within 30 days of the release of the info.

Ticket #'s
Ticket #'s
10% Off framing*
$150 PM Money
Print of choice up to $400*
'Lil Shetland" 
sleeping Briar / 50 
Almost Spring Joey & Kitten $375 
$75 PM Money
Maxi of choice
maxi - Crossing study $50
Born in the Smokies Canvas Giclee Value $399
Briar Patch pencil / 680 value $135
Appalachia /150 cvs $350
$100 PM Money
$50 pm money
Paul Murray Ltd Ed Book: "Mirrored Souls"          877217
Mirrored Souls Ltd Book  $850
Print of choice value $100        9583034
 Attic Collection
Kentucky Coal  cvs /680 $399
Print of choice up to $200*
WE ARE PROUD TO ANNOUNCE A FABULOUS NEW ARTIST TO OUR GALLERY. KIT GENTRY is a veteran artist with renaissance characteristics in his art. Enjoy the great images, and see how he plays with light and softness. For more come to see us or go to click his website below for more.

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