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July 2018

This email was super duper close to being late -  I was being persuaded by my husband all this past weekend that I would much rather be outside on our patio as our misters are in tip top shape or that I wanted to go swimming in our pool that is simply glistening thanks to him and Paul's Ace Hardware. I must tell you, the choice was hard my friends, but I knew you were looking forward to hearing from me and I just couldn't let you down. I hope you are enjoying your summer as much as we are!

The first half of 2018 is officially behind us. I hope it went well for you and you are looking forward to an even better second half. Although it hasn't been that bad of a summer (gosh I hope I didn't jinx us) I'm already looking forward to Fall and some cooler temps! But until then, I hope you are enjoying our beautiful sunsets, drinking lots of water, staying cool and of course, shopping at your favorite Paul's Ace Hardware location.

There are always thousands of reasons to shop Paul's and July is no exception. From preparing for your summer get togethers, keeping your pool in shape, to some great summer savings, I'm sure you can find several opportunities for us to help you, just check out our  Calendar!
From one neighbor to the other, we want to extend our sincerest "Thank You's" to each and every one of you. We know you have choices when shopping for your home and/or business and we are so glad you choose us. We wouldn't be here without you! We love to hear from you so always feel free to drop us a phone call, email or get in touch with us onLike us on Facebook Facebook,Follow us on Twitter Twitter andView on Instagram Instagram!  

Tricia Dauwalder-Luna
& The Paul's Helpful Hardware Family
It's Vacation time!
Are you heading out somewhere fun this summer? I hope so! I know before we go on a trip one of the most important things to me is to make sure my house is clean for when we get back. Nothing better than returning home to a nice clean house. :) There are some other things to consider to get done before you take off though - and I have found the list to share with you right here! It really has some great reminders like closing your curtains, and taking in that spare key.
#6 is a good reminder - you might also consider looking in to the Nest thermostat. I LOVE mine. Their security cameras area also a great option OR you could look into the Ring system of doorbells and cameras. Again, LOVE my doorbell. #11 is a good idea also - get those lights on timers - always good to have timers around the house, we have plenty for you. You might also consider smart light bulbs like the Sengled brand we have in stock. LOVE mine also.  When you get to #13 (cleaning out your wallet) you can go ahead and leave your Ace Rewards card in there :)
Finally, go and have fun! You deserve it!
Fly your US Flags! 
Break out those American Flags and show your pride this upcoming Independence Day! Or even better, display your flag all year long! Brush up on your flag etiquette here and then head on in to your nearest Paul's Ace Hardware location for your new or replacement flag. We will even recycle your old flag - bring it on in.
We sure are lucky to live in the home of the free because of the brave. A huge THANK YOU to ALL military past, present and future - you are all so important to every one of us.
Paul's Preferrals
Paul's Preferral Directory! Need a plumber, painter, handyman? Well we have the list for you! Our Paul's Preferral   list! As some of you may know, it's  a list of people we already know and love. Our own customers. This month I chose:

Scottsdale Air Heating & Cooling 
Phone - 480-945-7200
Website -
Scottsdale Air Heating & Cooling
Description of Services offered:
HVAC repair, maintenance, and replacement. For remodel or new construction.

If you ARE a plumber, painter, handyman and are interested in becoming a Paul's Preferral, click here to submit your interest

Did you know?
* We accept manufacturers coupons!
* We repair some windows!
* We have a fax and copy service!
* We offer a military, ASU and teacher discount?
Paul's Ace Hardware

Text or Call us @
Scottsdale & McDowell
Fountain Hills
Tempe Priest & Broadway
Scottsdale on McDonald
Tempe Rural & Broadway
Scottsdale Via Linda

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Happy 4th of July!
What will you be doing to celebrate our Nation's Birthday this 4th of July? It looks like it's going to be another hot one - according to it's only going to be it 107 and I say only because it heats up to 113 the very next day, so we get to dodge that. Stay hydrated! If you're looking to get out, I found a bunch of event options to choose from here.
If you're hosting the party and need some last minute things, head on in to your nearest Paul's Ace Hardware! We have a fantastic selection of BBQ supplies from the tools you need to use to some great sauces and rubs, pickles and local Arizona honey. We also have some great  rental items that are sure to make your party a hit. There's still a little bit of time left to get you those tables and chairs, Ez-Ups, sno-cone machine or a HUGE evaporative cooler. They really make all the difference in the world.
Whatever you plan on doing this holiday, we certainly hope you stay safe and cool!
BTW - all EIGHT Paul's Ace Hardware  locations will be open normal business hours on the 4th of July.
It's getting hotter!
While we all know the cartoon here is funny and completely accurate, excessive heat is no joke. I've suffered from severe heat exhaustion myself, and I tell you I would not wish that on my worst enemy. It was very painful. So, I always make sure I hydrate and try to stay cool in the summer. It is so important. Check out this Red Cross Heat Wave Safety Checklist and be Red Cross Ready. 
Change those Air Filters
Pleated Air Filters
Trying to stay cool in this heat really takes a toll on our A/C units. Make sure you are taking care of them by regularly changing your air filters. And Paul's makes it easy to do that every day! We will always give you  10% off  when you buy 3 or more Ace Brand pleated air filters OR a whole case of 12 of fiberglass filters. 
All day, every day.
Paul's Needs YOU!
Are you friendly, outgoing and want to be part of an amazing family/team? Then we need you! We are always looking for talented and friendly people and are always accepting applications. Apply at any of our locations or online here!
Ace Rewards Card
Are you an Ace Rewards Member yet? What are you waiting for if you're not!?! The Rewards are amazing.  Since the programs inception, Paul's Ace Hardware's Rewards customers have earned over $3.3 million in Rewards certificates! That's an impressive number! Not to mention all of the INSTANT SAVINGS our Rewards customers can get on several items throughout the store each month. Don't wait another second and sign up today !
Paul's Ace Hardware is committed to providing solutions with honesty and integrity.
View all July Red Hot Buys here!
Valid all month long!!
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