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Imagine being a fly on the wall in Paul Murray's art studio. Watching the ways he sketches, the way he develops each piece. Well you can be that fly, Paul has released the "Attic Collection". These are some of the rawest drawings and sketches that were the first time pencil met paper in the developing of major celebrated paintings like award winning "Aunt Emily" , and others, one of a kinds, that have never been seen again like "John Proffit".  These were released at a Paul Murray original Gala and all 100 were sold out in 4 days. Never before has an artist been shared such raw beginnings with his patrons. Small Limited editions on sale 
 SALE ENDS SEPT. 5   ....2 for $45

"Aunt Emily study"
"Morning Wakeup Study"

"Cradle Ridge study"

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"Milt study"


" Zoe's Bonnet" pastel study
"Shine Still pastel study" 

"Lil Fannie study"
 (born in the Smokies)

"Lil Josh study"

SALE ENDS SEPT. 5   ....2 for $45
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Paul Murray Original & Homecoming S
 October 14 to 31  
Find New originals, view new works in progress of what Paul is working on. Talk to Paul about his work, have him sign your print or frame.  Special pricing and unique displays. Come have an intimate and memorability time. 
Born in the Smokies beginning sketch Available Framed under $985 call for your special price
Lem Ownby  Elkmonts blind bee keeper

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Dolly Parton's Locust Ridge childhood Mountain  
A story written by you-  Do you want to live the real mountain way?
Would you like to stay in the Smokies on "Dolly's Locust Ridge" , living just the way that Dolly Parton and many mountain folks did?  ASK about our Primitive Cabin Rental on top of Dolly's Locust Ridge!!! Give me a call 516-377-7979/ 865-436-8445

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Paul Murray's Mountain Memories from 
A story written from his many journals
A Kindred Charm not a Shallow Arrogance - Spring 1988  
One of the many stories from his journals and  "Mirrored Souls A Study of Paul Murray's Art"     written by Paul Murray along with Jay Diemer Louise

The native pride, which is not a shallow arrogance, but is a kindred charm of the mountain people I have met.  Never was this pride expressed more eloquently nor more gracefully than when I met Fannie Johnson. Townsend, TN, is no different from the rest of Appalachia, with its dead end roads, and countless paths branching off in every direction. Some are choked with foliage while others are squeezed between rocky ridges. This dirt path was one of these obscure lead-ins, well back from the main roads.   Midway along a narrow, puddled and rutted laneway, we stopped the truck. It has become a ritual to stop in this particular  spot where a pipe juts out of the ground. The pipe taps into a clear, underground water source and brings to the surface a fountain of pure, icy water. To me there is nothing more satisfying. Drinking out of this spring always makes me think of the mountaineers.

This mountain spring is cherished by all locals, even John Oliver drank from here and collected pales of water for his daily needs. John Oliver who in 1936 was one of many who left Cades Cove after the National Park took over. He lived just up the hollow until his death in the 1960's. After filling up our jars with this clear liquid, we commenced driving up the forgotten path that eventually opened to a tiny vale, with steep
ridges demanding on both sides. There in this bucolic valley sits this small cabin with real blue smoke chugging from the chimney. As we near the cabin we heard a peculiar thumping noise was coming from the inside of the cabin, a sound of wood hitting against the planked floors. There are muffled voices from within, but they are aware I was at the door. I don't have to knock, but am greeted with the customary, "C'mon in!" Fannie is sitting near the door, rocking her infant granddaughter to sleep in the kitchen chair, rocking back and forth, so that the chair legs thump in a haunting rhythm. Her son Ernest and another grandson, Vernon, are with her. It is a glorious spring day, but the potbelly stove is red hot to ward off the chill mountain air. The room is warm, cozy and dark, save for the muted light passing through the windows and Fannie's endless, winning smile. Her long black hair is tucked neatly behind her ears, exposing the earthy pigment of her skin, the unmistakable angular face reminiscent of Indian bloodlines. Her deep brown eyes are small but there is a light in them as though eternal flames burn there. Fannie's soft voice is halting and musical to listen to. Her speech is typically clipped, almost child-like in its purity. Always her w ords are flavored with unabashed pride in her family and home, and with a tender, undying devotion to her husband, Till, who died a few years ago. "We  was married 48 yars," she tells us, 
"Bin with 'im e'er since I wuz 15 yars old. 
Stead of letin' me lay 'round like mose people, he put me to gittin' wood an' makin' four meals a day. Ain't nobody heard nuthin' like that." She laughs, then adds, 'Hit got me some exercise, gittin' up ter cut wood, fixin' all those meals, washin' 'n scrubbin' fur all the children. We use ter make a garden every yar..lucky I got hit all don, but ya git used ter hit." Now 66 , Fannie still tends a garden for exercise, goes "barefootin' through the mountains, carrying a stick in case she happens upon "a wild hog with li'l ones" and needs protection. She lives in total seclusion, without electricity, telephone, or running water. Her husband, Til saw no need for conveniences, he preferred the bygone ways and refused to surrender to progress. "He wuz one of a kind," Fannie says, " I shore ain't gonna fine no one like 'im, so I ain't gonna git married no more Nobody likes hit up hare but me'n I don't want ter live anywhere else, so hits a perfect situation as far as I can tell." 
The spelling is just to let the reader feel the way the words were said, the isolation in the Appalachian mountains some
times leaves language centuries old, mixed in with each area's mountain style of english. Each of these people are wise and tenacious. Most of us wouldn't have survived living in these areas, nor through their trials. They seem to have a life engulfed in family, nature and God. I experience a true joy and peace whenever I visit the Southern Appalachian mountain folk. I am truly home. - Written by Paul Murray with excerpts from his book "Mirrored Souls" with the writing of  Jay Diemer Louise 

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ORIGINALS - ONE OF A KIND - Stories of our land through the heart of Paul Murray.
There is nothing like the glow and softness and detail seen through the translucents of layers. 
See if you can  bring a new family member home with you. I promise they won't eat much and they do talk back (peacefully), 
but they will make you smile!

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"Born in the Smokes" pencil study beginning sketch 1986

Available for less
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SOLD "Ketucky Coal pencil "
Done live on location in Kentucky mountain coal area. 
 Original pencil & pastel

SOLD- "Popcorn" Original pastel & pencil
Although we knew Popcorn a while, Paul had a few sketches of him. He was a good man, but his bold nature was different from the mysteriousness Paul found in most mountain folk. Enjoy this rare pastel /pencil of Popcorn Sutton.

"Dolly" Original pencil study for major oil $695 US
 Dolly as seen in the oil in progress "Homeward" and "Red & Dolly"  he was our dear pet and we miss him dearly. All of you that met him know his sweet nature. We lost him in the Spring of 2009 at Easter. He has a special place in our hearts. 

" Crossing Oil study" major Study shown in museums $2685
"Amish Blue" Original Pastel $895
A rare vision of an Amish girl, she haunted Paul's heart so much he finally drew her. 
These  pastels could be some of the last of fine pastels. Through progress and merging of companies, the fine pastel paper Paul uses is not found anymore. He is sharing with you the last few small pieces of fine pastel paper in these originals...Enjoy some of the last.

"John Proffit " Original watercolor 15.5 w x 15h  
SOLD - "Hazel Patch Hollow Pencil"  $5000  Original" -major study

SOLD - "Joey looking up" - study for Towards the Final LIght" Original pencil
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 Milt Attic Collection
Kentucky Coal  cvs /680 $399
Print of choice up to $400*
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