FPC Daily Advent Devotional // Tuesday, December 12
We carry many projects and concerns in the one small basket of our lives. We want to live in peace, but we pursue "busyness as usual," buying and selling on the open market of unrelenting activity. We become human doings, hawking our wares for all we're worth. We try to purchase inner peace one tall latte at a time, one promotion, one vacation, one good deed at a time. We truly want the things that make for peace, but peace will not be found in the mad dash, the rollicking rush. Peace calls us to a slower pace, a softer touch. Peace invites us to quiet down and nestle into God's lap for a while like the worn-out children we are. Peace is not to have more, to be more, or even to give more, but to stop sometimes. Lean our weary heads on the pillow of what already is. How else will we hear the giver of dreams call us, when the time is right, to help heal the world? 

- Kayla McClurg

What does "busyness as usual" look like in your life?  
How can you carve out peace in the quiet spaces of life?  

Loving God, we give you thanks for providing us with times for renewal, even as you also give us work to carry out in your kingdom. We pray that you would reveal your Son Jesus to us in all that we do, whether we are alone or with others, whether we are overwhelmed or at rest. And in all things, we pray that you would make us good witnesses to the healing grace that you have given to us and to the world in which we live. In Jesus' name we pray.
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