FPC Daily Advent Devotional // Wednesday, December 19

"To me, joy is more than happiness. Joy is a good feeling in your soul. People and things may make you happy, but joy is something you feel deep inside of you. To me joy is being with family, playing soccer, and finding out that I am getting a puppy! I hope that everyone will feel joy inside their heart during this advent season."

- Julia Grier (6th grade FPC Member)


"Joy can be hard to put into words. Joy is a feeling that overcomes you in certain moments. Joy is deeper than happiness -- it is something that is in you. Joy doesn't just pass by; it lasts forever if you choose to focus on it. Happiness is when you open a present on Christmas morning and you are so happy, and then a week later you never play with it again. Joy for me isn't about physical things -- it is about being with people you love and the experiences you have. The experiences during the Advent season that are joyful for me are serving dinner at Room In The Inn, picking out a Christmas tree, making a gingerbread house with my grandmother, being with family and attending the Christmas Eve service."

- Mary Liese Grier (8th grade FPC member)
  P R A Y

God, we thank you for the joy in our lives -- this happiness that radiates within our souls. We thank you for one another and the ability to understand what joy means to each one of us. Amen.
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