FPC Daily Advent Devotional // Wednesday, December 6

Advent is supposed to be a season of hopeful waiting; but sometimes it can just feel like a season of waiting. Having hope can be uplifting, but it can also come with worry and questioning. We went through a long season of hope and waiting in trying to start a family. At times, it felt like we had to work so hard to have hope for good news. With so many downs, our ability to hope for an up faded each month. Hope is often portrayed as easy and effortless, but for us, it was more like a roller coaster ride. We would get an ounce of good news and our hopes would soar; then we would get hit with disappointment and we would throw hope out.

We needed to shift our focus. For us, turning toward God and our church family strengthened our trust in God's plan for our family. Hope began to creep back. Focusing on God and less on our struggles provided a steadfast hope in God's plan and newfound understanding of patience.

Advent is a time of expectant waiting. Waiting for the birth of a child. For the last couple of years, this was all too literal for us. We hoped and waited. Thankfully, we were blessed with twin girls this year! The growth in our hearts during our time of waiting will always provide us with a renewed perspective on advent. There is such power in hope and waiting.

- Katie & Scott Curry


Hope is the hardest love we have to carry.
- Jane Hirschfield


Loving God, thank you for your faithfulness.  Amen.

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