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We ran a  webinar recently about PCI DSS in call centres and asked the attendees what they were doing about PCI compliance.

Twenty seven percent said they were using 'pause & resume call recording' to avoid capturing credit and debit card numbers, either agent-assisted or  automated. Twenty two percent said they were not compliant, whilst forty two percent said they did not take payments over the phone (but presumably wanted to, as that was the subject of the webinar!).

From this you might conclude that the twenty seven percent of merchants who said they were using pause & resume were already PCI compliant. But you'd almost certainly be wrong.  

It's a common misconception that a pause & resume system for call recording means that your contact centre will be PCI compliant, but that's not the case. On the Syntec blog Syntec Director Simon Beeching discusses the limitations and better alternatives.
How Staples uses CardEasy to ensure its contact centres are PCI compliant
Office supply retailer Staples approached Syntec in 2015 to supply a mid-call DTMF payment system for its call centres in Europe, as it was having to cope with increased compliance and PCI audit pressures and wanted to increase data security, without compromising customer experience or losing transactions.

This case study explains why Jurgen van Roon, Staples Senior Project Manager, says CardEasy was "the perfect fit to resolve the PCI compliance and data security needs in Staples' major call centres in Europe". 

CardEasy live demo video
Watch our new video to see how the live user/agent experience is improved using CardEasy Mid-call, as well as a demo of the convenient customer self-service Autopay option which works with IVR systems:

Forthcoming events
We're attending the PCI Security Standards Council Community Meeting in Barcelona in October - come by our stand #10 to say hello, to find out more about CardEasy and see our demo session. 

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