Improvements have begun on Center Point Road between Coe Road and Lincoln Avenue. The Contractor is currently making storm sewer improvements near Coe Road and the right lane is closed. The left lane is open. Several utility companies are also working in the corridor. This work will continue for the next one to two weeks.
In upcoming weeks, the left lane will be closed for the majority of the project for utility (water and storm sewer) installation.
Future Traffic Impacts
One southbound lane on Center Point Road will be available at all times. The road will be reconstructed one side at a time. Cross traffic at F Avenue, G Avenue and Lincoln Avenue will temporarily close for portions of the project.
Access will be maintained for residents; temporary driveway closures may occur as crews pave directly in front of your property. You may need to detour slightly from your normal route, but access to alleys will remain open.
Access to businesses will be maintained. Driveways will be replaced one-half at a time. Properties with multiple driveways will retain at least one entrance open at all times.
We will continue to send you updates as the project progresses. If you have any questions during the course of construction, please reach out to a member of our team. Contact information is included on the right.