Weather permitting, construction will begin on Monday, April 19 on 6th Street SW from 33rd Avenue to Wilson Avenue, for pavement and utility improvements. 

A summary of traffic impacts:

  • 6th Street SW remains open to traffic; lane reductions in effect
  • Access maintained to side streets, driveways 
  • Short-term detours at Wilson Avenue and 6th Street intersection 
  • Business access open throughout the project

Construction will progress from 33rd Avenue, moving north toward Wilson Avenue. Initial work will include:

  • Installation of water main
  • Construction of retaining walls between 27th Avenue and Cherry Drive, and also south of Wilson Avenue
  • Pavement widening along west side of 6th Street
  • Removal of raised medians at 33rd Avenue and 6th Street
  • Installation of temporary traffic signals at Wilson Avenue and 33rd Street

We anticipate completing the majority of improvements during the 2021 construction season, with some carry-over into 2022. We will continue to send periodic updates as the project progresses. If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our project team.