Construction will begin next week on the Chandler Street SW project.

Pavement and utility improvements will be underway on Chandler Street between 9th Avenue and 10th Avenue. Lane reductions will be underway, and you may experience temporary loss of access to your driveway while work is occurring directly in front of your house. We will work to minimize these disruptions as much as possible, and we appreciate your patience!

Please continue to put your solid waste and recycling bins at the edge of your properties on normal collection days. The contractor is responsible for ensuring these are picked up and returned to you.

Traffic impacts later this summer when the project moves farther along include the closure of the intersection at 10th Ave and Chandler.

We will continue to send you updates as the project moves forward. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team. Our contact information is located on the right-hand side.