Improvements will begin on Council Street NE starting on Monday, May 3. The project includes intersection improvements, asphalt pavement resurfacing, and utility work.

Traffic Impacts
The intersection of Council Street and 51st Street/Park Place will be closed for approximately 4 weeks at the beginning of construction. Motorists will be able to approach from both sides, but not pass through. After the initial 4-week closure, Council Street will be open with lane restrictions in place for the remainder of the project. 

Lane Closures – Traffic on either side of 51st Street/Park Place will be reduced to one lane in each direction while work is underway.

Driveway Access – Access to businesses and Midland Court will remain available the majority of the time, except during brief periods of interruption during placement of asphalt, which needs several hours to cool before traffic can drive on it. Additional communication will be sent when exact dates of asphalt placement are determined. Signage will be posted to indicate “All Businesses Open.”

Construction Noise – Planned work includes breaking down the existing road to form a bed for the new asphalt surface. This will be noisy, and may produce ground vibrations. It will be limited in duration. Expect this process to be finished within a couple of days.

We will continue to send periodic updates as the project moves along. Please don't hesitate to contact a member of our team if you have any questions.