After tree debris cleanup, construction on O Avenue resumed last week. The road is closed at 18th Street. Residents who live west of 18th Street have access from Edgewood Road. Residents on and east of 18th Street have access from Ellis Boulevard.  

Over the next two weeks, water main will continue on the north shoulder, in the general area between 20th Street and 24th Street, followed by storm sewer installation along the south shoulder. While this is ongoing, existing pavement will be removed and the roadway prepared for the new pavement to 20th Street. Pavement placement is expected to resume mid- to late September. 

We recognize that private utility companies have major repairs to perform all over the community, and we are working with them to ensure utility relocations between Edgewood Road and 24th Street resume as soon as possible.  Relocations will allow underground utility work to continue without delay during the coming winter, weather permitting.