Active construction continues on the east side of 6th Street SW including sidewalk installation up to 27th Avenue and retaining wall construction between Cherry Drive and 27th Avenue. Shortly, work on the retaining wall south of Hometown Auto Group will begin. As the retaining walls are completed, sidewalk installation between Wilson Avenue and 27th Avenue will follow. Finished grading, topsoil placement, sodding, and placement of permanent signage will also be starting soon.

On the west side, the old asphalt on 6th Street from north of Wilson Avenue to the north entrance to Altorfer Machinery has been milled. Remaining milling to south of 33rd Avenue is expected to be completed by early June. Remaining water main installation on the west side, from 27th Avenue to Wilson Avenue, is expected to begin shortly.

Storm sewer and culvert installation on the west side will follow the water main work. When that occurs, traffic will be shifted to the east half of the roadway with a single travel lane provided in each direction. We will provide specific notifications before this occurs.

As always, if you have questions or concerns about the project, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our project team.