"My doctor feels I'm doing fabulous now. I have this whole new life. I want to give back
because  I was given so much. And it's all because of you - Doctors Care." ~ Jeffrey P.

Dear ,


We are reminded daily that our patients and
clients are deeply grateful for the work we do on their behalf. We share a few expressions of that appreciation with you for without your help, we could not fulfill our mission in the community. With you, all things are possible.   

We are excited to share our 2013 Annual Report with you! Read it now. Changes begun in 2013 have paved the way for more enhanced programs and services in 2014, such as: 

  1. Through Medicaid expansion, Doctors Care Clinic continues to provide outstanding care and compassion to even more infants, small children and entire families - nearly 500 new patients so far this year! 
  2. Doctors Care assists many of the uninsured into Medicaid and/or other subsidized insurance plans offered through the new marketplace, Connect for Health Colorado. Over 300 individuals have enrolled in some form of insurance. 
  3. Health care reform has helped many individuals gain affordable health coverage. However, a large population still faces obstacles to accessing care and living a healthy lifestyle. Doctors Care created the "Health Navigation" program to assist people with overcoming barriers to health care. Over 100 individuals have been helped by our navigators in the few short months we've offered this service
Thank you for allowing us to continue serving the underserved through your financial gifts of support to Doctors Care. The gift you provide today is appreciated every day by our staff, board, volunteers and the thousands of grateful patients and clients who benefit from our services. Give your gift to Doctors Care today!

"...By the time I walked into Doctors Care I was a crying basket case with no hope
left in me. I am here to tell you that they changed my life. They were so kind
and welcoming; made me feel  I was worth being paid attention to." ~ Candace C.

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